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Photograph of someone fly-fishing

From 17th December, all 2017 Licences and Permits can be purchased online at NI Direct's Angling page.

This includes concessionary disabled Licences and Permits.

An electronic record (e-record) is created for all Licence, Permit and Day Ticket purchases.

Buy your 2017 Licence and Permit Online

All anglers who have bought a Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Rod Licence to fish for salmon and sea trout are legally obliged to inform DAERA of any catches made throughout the year and how many occasions they fished, even if no fish were caught.

This can help us make informed policy decisions and scientific research in relation to angling waters.

DAERA would find it most beneficial if angler also made a catch return when fishing for all types of fish including coarse fish.

You can now complete your catch return online at NI Direct's Angling page.