Cycling Routes Masterplan

Family riding bicycles

The demands of everyday life place a heavy dependency on the need to travel, usually by car. Working with the charity Sustrans, who have over 40 years experience in developing cycling and walking strategies, we have created a series of cycling masterplans.

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With vast experience in implementing a successful Safe Routes to School Programme, the National Cycle Network and Greenway design, our masterplan uses all this experience to create new possibilities along some existing routes, whilst others show potential cycling networks both within Mid and East Antrim and linking to further afield.

Our goal is to create a cycle-friendly borough that encourages and supports active travel including:

  • A safe routes to school programme looking at how parents and children access local schools, identifying improvements to make the journey safe and achievable on a bike, walking or scooting.
  • Better links to public transport hubs, encouraging more longer distance commuting by public transport.
  • Safe routes to public transport centres initiative enabling people to walk or cycle safely to bus and rail stations.
  • Safe routes to community and leisure facilities allowing active travel to these destinations.
  • Planning for the future programme ensuring active travel provision is included as part of all major planning applications.

As part of our 10-year vision for the borough, these plans provide us with a programme for route development within our own sites. We can also help inform the statutory planning process and influence cycling provision on our roads.