Council and Committee Meetings


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We have a number of committees which meet on a regular basis to discuss and make decisions on issues that impact ratepayers, businesses and visitors to the Borough.

These are:

Audit & Scrutiny Committee
The Audit and Scrutiny Committee will:
  • Ensure that effective arrangements are in place to provide assurance on internal and external audit, risk management, financial management, governance and internal control.
  • It will provide an oversight to help ensure best practice is complied with to safeguard public funds and support the aims and objectives of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s Corporate Plan.
  • The Audit and Scrutiny Committee will support the Council and Accounting Officer by reviewing the comprehensiveness of assurances in meeting the Council’s and Accounting Officers assurance needs, and reviewing the reliability and integrity of these assurances.
Community Planning Committee
The Community Planning Committee will:
  • Assist the Council in discharging its statutory responsibilities to initiate, maintain, facilitate and participate in community planning for the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council area;
  • Agree and oversee the arrangements for the development, publication, implementation and review of the Community Plan for the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council area including associated community planning partnerships and processes;
  • Support and advise Council on the application and exercise of the general power of competence;
  • Assist Council in ensuring appropriate linkages are established and maintained in respect of land based (spatial) planning, economic development and regeneration activities;
  • Agree and oversee the development and implementation of council strategies and policies in respect of the council functions falling under the remit of the Committee;
  • Approve decisions on all operational matters outside of the scheme of delegation in respect of all council functions under the remit of the Committee;
  • Oversee arrangements for the transfer of any functions or powers from central government to local government impacting on the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council;
  • Monitor the impact of proposals, practices or decisions of other public sector services impacting on citizens of the borough and/or the services delivered by the Council;
  • Monitor the impact and influence the development of central government priorities and policies including but not limited to those in respect of Education, Health, Housing, Roads, Water, Urban Regeneration and other policies which impact on the health and wellbeing of citizens of the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council area;
  • Consider such other matters as the Council may refer.
Economic Growth & Tourism Committee
The Economic Growth & Tourism Committee will:
  • Focus on creating the conditions to grow the economy and create jobs;
  • Attract inward investment through an innovative and dynamic approach to economic development and regeneration;
  • Focus on developing strategies around tourism, economy, regeneration and funding, with a strong emphasis on improving economic sustainability of the Borough;
  • Maximise opportunities to secure funding and programmes across a range of areas, including rural development;
  • Focus on ensuring Mid and East Antrim inform and influence at a regional level, including the new Programme for Government;
  • Build strong and effective integrated partnerships with key partners, including local business community, Executive Departments i.e. Department for the Communities, Department of Infrastructure, Department of the Economy, DEARA, Tourism Ireland, and the wider business sector;
  • Establish a clear and effective Mid and East Antrim brand, which inspires confidence.
Operational Committee
The Operational Committee will:
  • Agree and oversee the strategic approach to front-line service delivery
  • Approve the monthly decisions on all operational matters outside the scheme of delegation
  • Maintain a knowledge and understanding of all operational matters
  • Work to share information, knowledge and best practice to ensure continuous improvement and high quality service delivery
  • Review and monitor operational policies and procedures to ensure delivery in line with Corporate and Business Plans
Planning Committee

The Planning Committee will:

Statutory requirements require that certain types of application must be determined by the Planning Committee:

  • Applications which fall within the Major category of development
  • An application for planning permission where the application is made by the council or an elected member of the council
  • The application relates to land in which the council has an interest. 

The Planning Committee shall be required to consider and determine the following:

  • Agree the Plan Strategy and Local Policies Plan for the Council area prior to ratification by the full council
  • The making of a Tree Preservation Order, where there are unresolved objections to the provisional order
  • Confirmation of a Provisional Tree Preservation Order
  • Determination of Completion Notices
  • Determination of Discontinuance Notices
  • Determination of a Revocation Orders 
  • Modification and Discharge of Planning Agreements
  • Designation, variation or cancellation of a Conservation Area
Policy & Resources Committee
The Policy and Resources Committee will:
Oversee financial management and reporting, corporate governance and effective use of Council resources. It reviews and monitors Council policies, procedures, Corporate Planning and Business Plans
The key functions which the Policy and Resources Committee will consider are:-
  • Council Constitution
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Standing Orders
  • Organisational Design
  • Policy Development
  • Human Resources, Training and Organisational Development
  • Occupational Health and Wellbeing
  • Review of the Corporate Plan and Business Plans
  • Communication and PR
  • ICT
  • Procurement
  • Rates setting process
  • Revenue and capital spending plans linked to rates setting process
  • Policy and Procedures – Finance, Procurement, ICT, Asset Management, Treasury Management and HR
  • Business case approval and post project appraisal
  • Corporate Governance
  • Property Asset Management
  • Significant Service Level Agreements
  • Approval of Council grant schemes and significant funding applications

Please click on this link to view the Committee Membership list

Minutes from each meeting will be available to view online once ratified.

Also listed in the documents below are the elected members' membership of partnerships, boards, working groups and representation on external bodies or groups.