Art Exhibition by Macmillan Move More

Friday 3 May 2024 to Saturday 25 May 2024
Larne Museum & Arts Centre

Art Exhibition by Macmillan Move More

Larne Museum & Arts Centre

Friday 3 May – Saturday 25 May 2024

Larne Museum & Arts Centre is delighted to be participating in the 10th Anniversary of the NI Mental Health Arts Festival, which runs from 10 to 19 May 2024, by hosting a small hallway display by Macmillan Move More. 

The theme of this year’s festival is PAUSE, a time to stop, stand still, and reflect upon the importance of our own and each-others mental health and wellbeing.

Since January of this year the Macmillan Move More group has been taking part in a new class called Chit-Chat and Create.

At this session participants get a chance to develop their craft skills while chit-chatting.

Different craft skills they have learnt include felting, wreath making, macrame, and more recently, art therapy.

Some of this work will be included in the display. 

The Macmillan Move More is a scheme that offers a free tailored programme to help people living with cancer get and stay active, at a level that is right for them.

The activities are suitable for everyone regardless of where they are in their cancer journey.

It also provides an opportunity for people living with cancer to meet other people in a similar situation, helping reduce the loneliness and isolation experienced by people living with cancer.

It can be anything from going to the gym, walking, sports classes, gardening, swimming or anything that get people moving more.

Physical activity before, during and after cancer treatment can help prevent and manage some of the effects of treatment such as fatigue, depression and risks to your health.

The exhibition will be on display from Friday 3 May until Saturday 25 May and includes Saturday opening on 25 May.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm. 

For more information, please contact Larne Museum & Arts Centre on T: 028 28 262443 or E: