‘Battle of Larne’ – a talk by Stephen McCracken

Thursday 24 August 2023
Larne Museum & Arts Centre

‘Battle of Larne’ – a talk by Stephen McCracken

Larne Museum & Arts Centre

Thursday 24 August 2023, 7pm – 8.30pm

In 1798 the Army of Ulster had over 110,000 members ready for a summer rising.

Join Stephen as he takes you through a PowerPoint presentation of an hour-by-hour account of the much under reported Battle of Larne which took place in the early hours of the 7th of June 1798.

The Ulster-Scots folk of Larne were not going to wait until the assigned times to rise in Revolution and took it upon themselves to be the first town in Ulster taken by the United Irishmens Army of Ulster.

Stephen explores their leadership and movements during and after the battle delving deep into the fine detail. Also on display will be a number of items from the period, cannon balls, pistols etc.

Stephen has been active in the study and commemoration of the 18th century.

Last year he was secretary of the Harp Festival which took place all over Ireland celebrating the 220th anniversary of the great Belfast Harp Festival, organising and giving talks.

This year he is co-leading the Battle of Antrim bus and walking tours for Antrim Council. He has penned books on the Battle of Antrim and Emigres of Erin, he is currently researching those who were sentenced to transportation.

This is a free event, however places are limited and should be booked in advance by contacting Larne Museum & Arts Centre on T: 028 2826 2443 or E:

Light refreshments provided.