Biodiversity University 2024 - Larne (supported by Kilwaughter Ltd)

Monday 12 August 2024 to Thursday 15 August 2024
Town Park, Larne

Town Park, Larne

Monday 12 – Friday 15 August

10am - 12noon daily

Free parking available

Learn all about the natural world through fun family activities!

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Day one: Firecraft

Creating fire today is easy but what did we use before the match?

In this session we will learn how to site, build and light a successful campfire using flint and steel.

We will learn about kindling tinder and ignition as well as how to clear away our fire safely to leave no trace or impact to nature!

Day two: Wild Art

Art and nature are linked together.

On this session we will find and create our own art tools.

Then let our minds free to create masterpieces on either paper or crafting using the nature itself.

There is no limit - only your imagination!

Day three: Foraging

What can nature provide us for food, medicine or usefulness?

On our foraging session we will find, identify and use the plants and trees around us.

A good memory or a piece of paper to make notes is a good idea on this session.

You will be surprised how much food is around us!

Day four: Den Building

Could you survive in the wild?

Leave behind your warm house with the kitchen and cosy sofas and learn how to build a shelter and forage for food.

Find natural resources to protect you from the wind and rain and enjoy tasting a variety of plants found in your natural surroundings.

Try the special recipe of ‘herbal’ tea or make your own flavour!

Find the recipe on the Parks and Open Spaces page.

Day five: Treemendous Trees

How well do you know your plants?

Interactive tree ID and foraging our woodlands and hedgerows.

Learn about wildflowers and make your own fabric art through the ancient Japanese practice of ‘Hapa Zome’, meaning leaf dye.

Please note:

The programme for the week is the same at all 3 locations.

This itinerary could change depending on weather and/or environment at specific sites.

Children must be supervised by a parent or carer at all times.

Attendees are advised to check the weather in advance and wear suitable clothing and footwear.