Fairy Folk and Horses Heads: superstition and folklore in Ulster

Thursday 26 March 2020
Larne Museum and Arts Centre

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm 

Tickets: Free but MUST be booked in advance.

Dr David Hume will discuss popular folklore and belief in the 18th and 19th centuries and in recent times. 

He will examine the belief in fairies, banshees, the afterlife, and explain how people made sense of the landscape around them with the assistance of the supernatural! 

While most folklore is of Irish origin, there are Scottish and even Scandinavian superstitions and beliefs within our folk tales. 

As well as belief in living creatures such as the fairies, there are also beliefs in ghosts and entities from the spirit world, which Dr Hume will discuss in this talk.

This is a free event however, places are limited and MUST be booked in advance by contacting:

Larne Museum and Arts Centre

2 Victoria Road, Larne BT40 1RN

T: 028 2826 2443


Light refreshments provided.

Link to original image by Shannon McNeice: Fairy Tree.

Photograph of a fairy tree in Ireland. Used under CC licence.