Irish Gothic by the Wireless Mystery Theatre

Thursday 17 October 2019
Larne Town Hall

Doors Open: 7pm

Show Starts: 7.30pm 

Tickets: £12

What country has given greater horror to the world than Ireland, where Dracula and Carmilla were first dreamed up?

An Evening of Irish Horror is the perfect, cozy scare for when the air gets cold and the night grows dark, with two classic Irish spook stories reanimated in the dark, with live music - two original scores for violin, cello, and guitar.

In Dracula's Guest, the expunged prologue from Bram Stoker's masterpiece, Jonathan Harker finds himself under the watchful eye of an unknown force, while in an unknown country. This early example of folk-horror uses the strange and estranging customs of an isolated German village to ratchet up the scares, revealing more of the dark powers and reach of the titular antihero.

While in J.S. Le Fanu's classic, Green Tea, a village curate is driven to the brink of madness by terrible visions, but is there something unusual in his mind or in his drink. Le Fanu, the Invisible Prince of Victorian Dublin, invented psychological horror, treading the line between the supernatural and the insane, through implication, suggestion, and blurred outlines that could as easily be ghosts as hallucinations. Complimentary refreshments served at the interval.

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