The Presence of Absence

Thursday 6 June 2024 to Saturday 31 August 2024
Carrickfergus Museum

The Presence of Absence

6 June - 31 August

Carrickfergus Museum

A new photographic exhibition at Carrickfergus Museum.

This unique joint body of work includes recently discovered negatives and prints as well as hundreds of photographs taken over many decades.

It comprises images of Harland and Wolff’s design drawing offices where the intricate details of the magnificent White Star Line’s Olympic ocean class ships were once prepared.

Some are historical photographs of the world famous Titanic and Olympic liners and the rest by an artist, with a quest to document this industrial landscape and the changes within.

The exhibition provides a unique 21st century opportunity to delve into, and enjoy, previously unseen historical images and appreciate their intrinsic visual appeal within a modern concept of photographic works.

The thread that links the images is the interweaving of the present along with the absent traces of the industrial past.

Although the physical dimension may be gone forever, there is still a presence felt by its absence.

The exhibition will also include items from Carrickfergus Museum collection, showcasing the town’s ship building past and maritime heritage.

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T: 028 9335 8241