“Through the Millennia”

Friday 2 August 2024 to Friday 30 August 2024
Larne Museum & Arts Centre

"Through the Millennia"

An exhibition of contemporary artworks by Seanna O'Boyle-Irvine

Larne Museum & Arts Centre

Friday 2 – Friday 30 August 2024

Opening hours:  Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm

Works of Art are said to last forever in the memory but we have forgotten the art our prehistoric ancestors left behind in both the landscape and through their rituals.

This exhibition and my art was inspired by Irish Archaeology, before the written language through sculpture using ancient wood from the bogs and recreating prehistoric rock art in paintings.

The exhibition includes prehistoric artefacts from the archives of Larne Museum & Arts Centre and Carrickfergus Museum.

The exhibition will be on display from Friday 2 until Friday 30 August 2024 and includes Saturday opening on 17 August. Opening hours:  Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm.