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Draft Carrickfergus Regeneration Investment Plan and Carrickfergus Town Centre Strategy (CRIP)

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Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and its public sector partners (the CRIP board) are undertaking a consultation and public engagement process to help them develop a ten-year vision, Regeneration Investment Plan and Town Centre Strategy. It recognises the importance of the town for its citizens who live in and around it, visitors to it, and for businesses based in Carrickfergus or wanting to move to here.

As part of this process, we are working with Venture International Ltd to engage with residents, rate payers, community and voluntary organisations, faith groups, sports groups, traders and business people to ensure that you have an opportunity to get involved at this draft stage.

A draft Carrickfergus Regeneration Investment Plan has been developed and will be shared throughout the process. This information will include a survey which will allow you to share your views and ideas, and your vision for Carrickfergus with us. We fully encourage you to respond. This will help us deliver plans to secure funding and maximise the opportunities for Carrickfergus both now and into the future. 

The focus of the Carrickfergus Regeneration Investment Plan will be:

  • Bringing together the Council and a range of Government Departments and Agencies to work together to plan and deliver a long-term investment plan;
  • To achieve economic, social and physical transformation of Carrickfergus;
  • Regeneration of the town by using key assets; and
  • Making the town a better pace in which to live, work, visit, do business and pursue recreation and leisure activities.

The focus of the Town Centre Strategy will be:

  • The town’s commercial activity;
  • How it contributes to the quality of life for the people living in and around Carrickfergus;
  • How we can deliver a top quality range of experiences for residents and visitors; and
  • How we can better position the town as a potential location for companies.

For further information, please contact

T: 028 2563 3365

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More detail

Aspirational Projects

  1. The Result The Result is the last schooner built in Carrickfergus and had a long and interesting history – including service as a Q Ship in World War 2. It is currently lying in storage at the Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra. We propose to explore the possibility of restoring The Result as a visitor attraction to be permanently moored or housed in Carrickfergus Harbour.
  2. Carrickfergus Marina and Harbour We need to invest in the modernisation of the Marina to ensure it offers top quality facilities into the future. We also intend to explore the potential to use the Harbour to create a vibrant water sports zone for Carrickfergus
  3. Clipperstown Working with key partners and interests, we intend to examine the potential to create a new residential neighbourhood in close proximity to the town centre. This would be a medium density residential development at Clipperstown, of mixed tenure and housing type.
  4. Harbour Quarter In the longer term, we propose to work with the private sector to explore the potential to create a vibrant waterfront district connecting the town centre with the harbour and the marina, by redeveloping the land to create a new mixed-use quarter of apartments, hotels, offices, and restaurants and cafes. The intention will be to provide a high quality waterfront district with new and enhanced pedestrian and cycle connections to the town centre. 

Provide feedback on the plan here