Street Trading

Photograph of a street food trader

Environmental Health is responsible for regulating street trading in the Borough. The Street Trading Act (NI) 2001 places restrictions on where and how people can trade.

Street trading can only take place if the traders have been issued with the appropriate licence from the Council. The three types of licence available and the annual fees for the different licences are:

  • Stationary Street Trading Licence
  • Mobile Street Trading Licence
  • Temporary Street Trading Licence

Before a stationary street trading licence can be issued the council must have decided to designate that particular street for street trading.

All ice-cream vans/mobile shops operating in the Council area should be in possession of a mobile street trading licence. Temporary street trading licences can be issued to allow trading to take place at a particular location for up to 7 days.

New Street Trading Fees

We set our own street trading fees which took effect from 2 June 2015.

The fees for the various street trading fees are set out below: 

  • Stationary street trading fee  - £240
  • Mobile street trading fee       - £140
  • Temporary street trading fee - £100*
  • Variation of licence fee       - £45

* a further fee of £15 a day will be charged for each additional day traded after the first

The fees are set to cover the full costs of administering and enforcing the street trading licensing process.

Vacant Stationary Street Trading Sites

The following stationary street sites are currently vacant: -

  • Crankill Road, Ballymena - A26 Northbound layby, the site is currently designated for the sale of hot food.
  • Larne Road Carrickfergus – hard shoulder at Kilroot Power Station, the site is currently designated for the sale of hot food.

If anyone is interested in applying to trade at any of the above sites they should complete the stationary licence application form below and return it along with the pro rata fee of £100 and all relevant certificates to address below by Friday 29 June 2018

Environmental Health Department
Smiley Buildings
Victoria Road
BT40 1RU

If multiple applications are received for any of the pitches then the Council will use the selection criteria detailed on the application form.