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Local Development Plan

What is the Local Development Plan?

In summary, the LDP will seek to ensure that future development takes place in the most appropriate, safe and sustainable location and in ways that contribute to creating and shaping quality places for everyone.

Development Plan Responsibilities

The Development Plan Team is currently undertaking preparatory work on our new Local Plan and they are also responsible for monitoring the implementation of our current Development Plans. The Team may also prepare supplementary planning guidance to assist in the implementation of our Plans.

What is Mid and East Antrim Local Development Plan?

The LDP will guide the future spatial land use within Mid and East Antrim, apply regional policies at the appropriate local level and inform the general public, statutory authorities, developers and other interested bodies of the policy framework and land use proposals that will guide development decisions within the Borough. The LDP will comprise of two development plan documents;

  • The Plan Strategy (PS), and
  • The Local Policies Plan (LPP)

These will be prepared in the context of the Council’s overall Corporate Plan and wider government policy including the Regional Development Strategy and the Strategic Planning Policy Statement. The LDP will also take into account the Council’s Community Plan providing a spatial expression of the Community Plan and thereby linking public and private sector investment through the land use planning system.

What is the current stage of plan preparation?

The Council has already undertaken a wide range of preparatory studies and will continue to further update and review the evidence base. This involves the collection and analysis of information relating to a number of topics that the Plan will address. The evidence base will provide a robust foundation for the development of Plan policies and proposals. Our Timetable and Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) has been agreed by the Department and will be published on the 4th Of August 2016. We are currently working towards the publication of our Preferred Options Paper (POP) which is programmed for publication in late 2016. To inform this stage of plan preparation we are currently undertaking a comprehensive consultation process with a range of statutory consultees.

What is the Local Development Plan Timetable ?

The Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 requires our Council to publish a Plan Timetable to provide information about the main stages in the Local Development Plan process and the indicative timeframe that we are aiming for in meeting each stage.

Through publication of the Plan Timetable, we are aiming to provide:

  • Information on the approximate timing of various key stages in the LDP process;
  • Information on the formal periods for public consultation on draft LDP documents, including the approximate timing of these consultations and the length of time that they will be operative;
  • Information on the approximate timing of the 2 Independent Examinations that will happen during the Plan process;
  • Information on the Sustainability Assessment process that will run in parallel with the LDP process.

As there are many factors that could cause the Timetable to change the timeframe set out is indicative in nature. Progress against the Timetable will be monitored annually and the Council will publish a revised timetable should this be considered necessary.

How can I get involved in the preparation of the Plan?

Information on how you can become involved in the preparation of our Local Development Plan 2030 is contained in our Statement of Community Involvement. If you would like to be kept informed of progress on this plan, please complete and return our Community Involvement Form. There will be a number of events and activities arranged during the preparation of the new plan, to give everyone an opportunity to share their views and become actively engaged with the development of plan policies and proposals. We will advertise details of any forthcoming events and activities on this page.