Meeting Agendas

Council Meeting Agendas

All Agendas for full meetings of the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are published on this page.  These Agendas are regularly updated within office working hours as changes are made.

As of 1 July 2017, Agenda packs containing reports discussed in Open session are made publicly available below the end of the week prior to the full meeting has been held.

Please note: Meeting packs are removed from our servers shortly after the date of the meeting has passed. Copies of the meeting packs can be provided on request.

Please note: the date on the covering letter of the agenda reflects the date the final meeting pack was generated from the automatic system. It may, therefore, have superseded an earlier version in order to incorporate all changes up to the beginning of the meeting.

Council Agenda - 5 August 2019

Council Agenda - 2 July 2019

Council Agenda - 28 May 2019

Annual General Meeting - 20 May 2019

Special Council Meeting Agenda - 20 March 2019

Council Agenda - 4 March 2019

Special Council Meeting Agenda - 13 February 2019 - A

Special Council Meeting Agenda - 13 February 2019 - B

Council Agenda - 4 February 2019

Special Council Meeting Agenda - 18 January 2019

Council Agenda - 7 January 2019

Council Agenda - 17 December 2018 (Special Meeting)