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Planning Committee Agendas and Packs

Please note: Meeting packs are published at the bottom of this page and but will be removed from our servers shortly after the date of the meeting has passed. Copies of the meeting packs can be provided on request.

Speaking Rights

Anyone can register speaking rights to speak on a planning application.  Speaking rights are limited to those planning applications listed on the Agenda for the upcoming Planning Committee.

Speaking rights will be limited to 4 minutes. 

If more than one person wishes to speak in support or against an application, they will be expected to split the allocated 4 minutes.

Those wishing to address the Committee must register their wish to do so with the Council’s Chief Administrative Officer / Committee Administrator by 12noon two working days before the meeting.

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Planning Committee Agenda 4 April 2024

Planning Committee Agenda 22 February 2024

Planning Committee Agenda 11 January 2024

Planning Committee Agenda 7 September 2023

Planning Committee Agenda 15 June 2023