Answers to Public Questions

Answers to Public Questions - May 2024

Public Questions and Answers – May 2024 Full Council:


David Hanley:


How do you justify being the highest paid salary for chief executive whilst also almost double the rate increase of other councils




The Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s Chief Executive is not the highest paid Chief Executive out of the 11 Councils in Northern Ireland.

Also this Council always has adhered, and still adheres, to the JNC Chief Executives’ Salary Scales.

In terms of detailed information for anyone asking the question, the amount paid to the authority’s Chief Executive is published in the Council’s annual Statement of Accounts.


James Alexander:


These people who deem to build bonfires starting in April every year  Why should the council and rate payers be responsible for the cost of the clean up after 12th July  You must be aware who is building these bonfires as you are illegibly (sic) liaising with them regarding health and safety Why don’t the bonfire builders leave the site the way they find it or pay the council the cost for the clean up




Council has a database which identifies a potential 45 locations for bonfires across the Mid and East Antrim Borough.

Of these 45 locations, 20 are on Council owned land with the rest on Housing Executive, Education Authority, DFI Roads or private land.

Council encourage and support communities to move towards the use of a beacon which provide the focus for a safer cultural celebrations event.

In 2023 Council cleaned up 13 sites at a cost of £36,873 to local ratepayers.

Council is not aware who is building bonfires and is not liaising with bonfire builders in relation to the building of bonfires.

Council would agree that those responsible for creating the bonfires should be responsible for the associated costs of clean-up and restoration of the site.

Council have agreed to appoint an external facilitator to engage with bonfire builders to understand how a safer, community friendly cultural event can be developed which respects the views of all stakeholders.