Disability Action Plan 2023-2027

Disability Action Plan 2023-2027 - Consultation

6.0 Consultation

6.1 The Council is committed to carrying out meaningful and proactive consultation in the development and implementation of its Disability Action Plan.

In doing so the Council is keen to bring about change for people with disabilities by taking measures in response to the Disability Duties.

The Council would therefore like to ensure the involvement of people who have a range of disabilities and those who care for people with a disability, in the development of this Plan.

6.2 Consultation on the Disability Action Plan is ongoing via engagement with key stakeholders and service users.

6.3 Comments and suggestions on the Plan are welcomed at any time, with public consultation of this Plan due to be advertised in local and social media, on the Council website and distributed widely to representatives and members of local disability groups.

6.4 The Council will seek to ensure the involvement of people with disabilities by consulting with representative groups at both regional and local levels, as well as talking to individuals with a disability.

6.5 Consultation with local disability groups is to ensure that people with a disability can assist the Council by:

  • identifying barriers faced by disabled people in participating in public life and specifically how any barriers they have encountered in relation to their dealings with the Council can be overcome
  • identifying circumstances in the past in which the Council has not promoted positive attitudes towards disabled people and identify opportunities in the future for the Council to promote such attitudes
  • assist the Council in identifying key priorities and remedial actions to ensure the application of the disability duties
  • monitoring and making decisions on the revision of the plan as a result of these comments and reviewing the effectiveness of measures taken.

6.6 The Council believes it is important that people with a disability are involved in the implementation, monitoring and review of the Plan.

Consultees will be advised of any changes made.

6.7 The Council will arrange for translators and/or signers to be present at appropriate meetings, either where a need has been identified in advance, or where a need is anticipated.

6.8 Loop systems are installed in the Council Chamber and portable loop systems are available for use in some Council facilities.