Disability Action Plan 2023-2027

Disability Action Plan 2023-2027 - Purpose - Review of plan

2.0 Purpose of the Disability Action Plan 

2.1 The Disability Action Plan, through a series of actionable measures, outlines the Council’s proposals for fulfilling the Duties in compliance with Section 49A of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended by the Disability Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Order 2006).

2.2 This Plan, in form and content, must conform to the guidelines contained within the Commission’s guide for public authorities.

2.3 The Council will commit to the effective communication of the Plan to staff and will undertake a planned programme of training and guidance for all staff and Elected Members as outlined in Section 9.

2.4 A formal report of progress on meeting the objectives relating to the Disability Duties will be included in the Council’s Annual Report to the Equality Commission.

3.0 Public Life Positions 

3.1 Council has a responsibility over a number of public life positions in which members of the public participate. 

The Equality Commission’s guidance on the definition of public life includes participation in focus groups or working groups, community associations or forums, community police liaison committees, citizens’ panels, Local Strategic Partnerships and user groups for services provided by the Local Authority.

The objective of participation in public life is to provide a pathway that facilitates contribution from people living with disabilities to contribute or become involved in public policy decision making or how public authorities deliver services and carry out their functions.

4.0 Annual report

4.1 The Council will prepare an annual report on the implementation of its Plan.

This report will be included as part of the annual report to the Equality Commission which details the Council’s progress on the implementation of its Equality Scheme.

4.2 A copy of the annual report will be made available on the Council’s website.

5.0  Review of the Disability Action Plan

5.1 The Council will carry out a five year review of its Plan, in consultation with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.