Equality Scheme with Equality Action Plan 2023-2027

Equality Scheme with Equality Action Plan 2023-2027 - Appendix 4

Appendix 4

Timetable for measures proposed (Schedule 9 4.(3) (b))

The following table lists some examples for illustration purposes


Lead responsibility


Section 75 Annual

Progress Report [2.7]

Policy Officer / Chief Executive

31 August (annually)

Action plan


Formulation of draft action plan [2.15]


Finalised action plan published [2.18]


Arrangements for monitoring progress in place



Policy Officer


Policy Officer


Policy Officer


April 2023 – June 2023


September 2023


Every August in line with annual progress report


Consultation list reviewed and updated


Policy Officer


Screening timetable


HR Policies, Financial Policies, Corporate Plan, Waste Management


Complaints Policy Enforcement Policy Equality and Disability Action Plans


Other service led policies as identified


Screening Reports

Policy Officer


January – March 2023


April – June 2023






Lead responsibility





EQIA timetable [4.16]


Any EQIAs identified as required through the screening process will timetable.

Policy Officer/Relevant Council Officers




Review of monitoring information [4.31]


Publication of monitoring information [4.33;4.34]




Policy Officer




March (annually)


August (annually) as part of the Progress Report; EQIA in line with terms of reference of EQIA



Development of summary scheme [5.4]



Development of overall training programme [5.5]

Focused training [5.4]

Update training [5.4]

Evaluation of training [5.6]


Policy Officer





Head of HR and Organisational Development /Policy Officer


Within three months of the Equality Commission approval of the scheme.


Within six months of new Council.

Assessing access to information and


Policy Officer

August (annually)



Lead responsibility





Communication of Equality Scheme [9.3]


Notification of consultees [9.3]

Policy Officer



Policy Officer

Within one month of scheme approval


Within one month of scheme approval


Review of Equality Scheme



Policy Officer


Within 5 years of approval of the Equality Scheme

Any other measures proposed in Equality Scheme



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