Screening Reports

DPIA Screening - Events Policy

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a process to help you systematically and comprehensively analyse your personal data processing and help you identify and minimise any data protection risks of a project.

You must do a DPIA before you begin any type of personal data processing that is “likely to result in a high risk.”

This set of screening questions will help you decide whether a DPIA is necessary.

Please note, if there is a change to the nature, scope, context or purposes of your processing you will be required to complete this screening template again.

You will be accountable for the screening decisions you make.

Therefore, it is critical that you document via “Explanatory Notes” the screening decisions you have made, providing logical reasons regarding whether to do a DPIA or not.

Section A - Project Details

Title of Project/Plan/Policy

Events Policy

Is this an existing, revised or new project?


What is the purpose of the project, plan or policy ?

e.g. intended aims/outcomes

Include any relevant background information here

A year round programme of large scale outdoor events managed by Council’s events team.

To give access to social and leisure activities for residents

To build civic pride

To sustain jobs and employment

Which MEABC Department owns or holds responsibility for this project, plan or policy?

Corporate Services

Section B

Does this project, plan or policy involve the processing of personal data?




If the answer to this question is ‘No’, you do not need to conduct a DPIA. Please proceed straight to Section E.

If the answer to this question is ‘Yes’, please proceed to Section C.

Section E: Findings

Is a DPIA required?

☐ Yes ☒ No

Note: Data Protection legislation and Information Commission guidance state that you should seek your Data Protection Officer’s advice when you need to do a DPIA.

Final Comments


DPIA Screening undertaken by:




Events Manager




Date Completed:


19 March 2024