Mayor's Office

Mayor and Deputy Mayor

At a meeting of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council on 6 June 2022 Alderman Noel Williams (Alliance) and Councillor Beth Adger (DUP) were appointed Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively.

Mayor Alderman Noel Williams

Alderman Williams was born and raised in Sunnylands, Carrickfergus.  He attended Sunnylands Primary School and the old Carrickfergus Technical college in the heart of the town, before pursuing a full and exciting career in aviation with the Royal Air Force, finishing his service in the rank of Wing Commander.

On return to Northern Ireland, he became Head of the Energy Saving Trust, and also served as a Councillor for the legacy Carrickfergus Borough Council.

In recent years, Alderman Williams has juggled his work on Mid and East Antrim Council, with being the Head of Operations for Stewart Dickson MLA and the East Antrim Constituency.  He is also the current Chair of the Alliance members East Antrim Association.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Alderman Noel Williams

Deputy Mayor Councillor Beth Adger MBE

Councillor Adger has been in public life now for 21 years, having represented her family, neighbours and the wider community through a number of organisations such as Barnardos, the Asthma Society and for 22 years she has been a foster mum; having fostered 47 Children in her lifetime.   

As a born, bred and proud Carnalbanagh woman, Councillor Adger thanks the doctors and nurses of Fulham Hospital from where, when she was 17 years of age, after being a guinea pig for chemotherapy, she returned home and dedicated her life to helping others. 

Councillor Adger dedicates her year of service to making the community of Mid and East Antrim a place where everyone feels loved and part of this great Borough, regardless of colour, creed or class.

Deputy Mayor Councillor Beth Adger MBE