Street Trading Policy - page 2

Further conditions for Temporary Street Trading

The Act gives council a power to attach any further conditions to a mobile street trading licence it considers reasonable.

The following further conditions will form part of all temporary licences issued by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council;

  1. Mid and East Antrim Borough Council will consider applications, in writing on the prescribed form, to permit temporary street trading at pre-identified pitches special events held within the Borough.
    Whilst no prescriptive definition of special event will be provided it is accepted that events such as the Mayors Parade, Christmas Light Switch-on Events, Festival and Civic Events, Community organised events and Cultural Parades/Events will be within this definition.
  2. Without prejudice to its right to consider the broad definition of a special event, the Council (in consultation with interested parties) may consider applications to permit temporary street trading outside of this broad definition in order to add colour, ambience, novelty and/or tradition in particular locations and during seasonal periods.
  3. Applications for temporary street trading licences must be received by Council not less than 6 weeks before the date of the first day of the proposed special event/trading date.
  4. A temporary licence shall remain in force for such period, not exceeding 7 days, as may be specified in the licence.
  5. A temporary licence will be subject to such conditions as Council may specify in the licence and as set out in Temporary Street Trading Licence criteria.
  6. Temporary trading will not be permitted outside of the allocated times specified in the licence.
  7. Council will grant no more than five temporary licences to an applicant during any one year period.
  8. All stalls/vehicles/trailers used for temporary street trading will be required to be registered by a Council Environmental Health Department to trade in such commodities being offered for sale.
  9. It shall be the policy of MEA Borough Council that a trader must obtain a separate licence for each stall/vehicle/trailer used.
  10. Council retains its right to amend or replace this policy at any given time.
  11. All licence application administration fees are non-refundable.
  12. Temporary licences cannot be sold on, sub-let or transferred.
  13. An application for a temporary pitch may be refused or revoked if the applicant is found to be unsuitable to hold a licence by reason of having been convicted of a relevant offence, or for any other reason.