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Building Control

Building Control

Photograph of a row of houses

You can contact your local Building Control Services office using the details below.

To book an inspection

When requesting an inspection, sufficient notice must be given to allow Building Control Services to inspect the works.

Building Control Services will seek to carry out all requested inspections during the same working day, if the request is made before 10.00am on that day. Working days are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Book an inspection

When requesting an inspection, please provide the following relevant information. This will assist in processing your request:

  • Plan reference number (e.g. FP/2020/123)
  • The address of the works
  • Site number (if multi-site application)
  • Details of inspection required
  • Contact telephone number of a person responsible for the works and will be at the site or property during the inspection
Ballymena Carrickfergus
10 Galgorm Court
BT42 1HW
Civic Centre
11 Antrim Street
BT38 7DG
T: 028 2563 3356 T: 028 9335 8251