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Appendix A

List of authorised officers available upon request.

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List of authorised officers available upon request.


Appendix C

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
Operational Management Team Decision Making Panel (OMT DMP)


1. Purpose/role of the Working Group

At the Council’s AGM on Tuesday 7 June 2016 approval was given to a number of amendments to the Scheme of Delegation including the introduction of a ‘Decision Making Panel’ (DMP) of members of Operational Management Team to improve efficiency on routine authorisations.

The Scheme of Delegation defines the DMP as Heads of Service sitting as a Decision Making Panel of OMT: the requirement will be for a quorum of five OMT members present.

Specific responsibility for authorisations delegated to the DMP are:

  • Powers for Officers to make allocation from the Council Grants Scheme up to the value of £2,500;
  • Approval of requests to hold events on Council owned land, in line with appropriate procedures and standard requirements, provided that there are no issues identified;
  • Procuring Goods and Services via Direct Award Contracts and consideration of Business Cases as outlined in the Scheme of Delegation;
  • Approval of Interim Grant payments for Carrickfergus Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI)

2. Membership

The membership of the OMT DMP has been agreed by SMT as follows:

  • OMT Chair
  • 4 other OMT Members/Heads of Service to include a spread of others across Directorates. (There is no bar on any Head of Service attending the OMT DMP).

The OMT DMP will be chaired by the OMT Chair, or another HOS in his or her absence provided there is a quorum of members.

3. Working arrangements

The OMT DMP will meet on a fortnightly basis or as frequently as is necessary to ensure expedient processing of decisions. Items may be circulated if necessary, between meetings when important decisions are required.
The onus will be on the relevant Head of Service to attend meetings to ensure particular queries and papers are approved; alternatively, Heads of Service may nominate an appropriate, fully briefed member of staff to attend.

In order to achieve efficient use of resources and promote new ways of working, the OMT DMP will make use of technology to do business by video conference or tele-conference where possible and keep the requirement for the travelling associated with face to face meetings to a minimum.

Administrative support will be provided in accordance with normal OMT DMP arrangements with items being forwarded two working days prior to the meeting. A record of decisions will be maintained and updated to be stored with action notification of approvals as required.

Where a decision cannot be made because the OMT DMP considers it to be outside its remit, the matter will be forwarded to SMT for approval.

The record of decisions of the OMT DMP will be forwarded to SMT for noting.

4. Review

The Chair will undertake a review of the DMP processes on an annual basis.

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