Standing Orders

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Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is committed to open and transparent decision making and where possible will conduct its business in public. Where a member(s) of the public causes a disturbance this may impact on the Council’s ability to conduct business and the following Standing Order provides a mechanism to deal with such a disturbance.

Removal of a Member of the Public

15.1 If a Member of the public interrupts proceedings, the Chairperson will warn the person concerned that their behaviour is not acceptable and will be asked to leave if they continue.

15.2 If they continue to interrupt, the Chairperson will order their removal from the Meeting room.

15.3 If there is a general disturbance in any part of the Meeting room open to the public, the Chairperson may call for that part to be cleared.


16.1 A Member may move a Motion for the suspension of one or more of the Council’s Standing Orders. A Motion under this Standing Order shall require the support of a qualified majority vote[16] within the meaning of section 40 of the 2014 Act.

16.2 Suspension can only be for the duration of the Meeting and the Minutes of the Meeting must record the reason for the suspension.

16.3 Mandatory Standing Orders may not be suspended by Council.


16.4 Any Motion to, add to, vary or revoke these Standing Orders will, when proposed and seconded, stand adjourned without discussion to the next ordinary Meeting of the Council.

[16] I.e. 80% of those members present and voting.


17.1 In the event of a difference of opinion on the interpretation of any part of the Standing Orders, after a short representation by each concerned party[17], the ruling of the person presiding at any Meeting shall be deemed to be final and shall not be challenged at that Meeting.

[17] In line with Standing Order 7.20 “Except with the permission of the Council, a Member, in introducing a Motion, shall not speak for more than ten minutes and in replying, for not more than five minutes. Any other member shall not speak for more than 5 minutes”.

The following documents are available as part of the downloadable pdf:

  • Glossary
  • Appendix 1 – Scheme of Delegation and Financial Regulations
  • Appendix 2 - Protocol for the acceptance of applications to present to Council and Council Committees
  • Appendix 3 – Protocol for Operation of the Planning Committee
  • Appendix 4 – Protocol for the Establishment of a Sub-Committee
  • Appendix 5 – Council Decision Making Process
  • Appendix 6 – Protocol for the recording and operation of remote Meetings