Climate / Sustainability / Environment Reporting

Environmental Objectives and Targets 2021/22 - End of Year Status

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Objective Title 2021/22


End of Year


To undertake cost analysis for solar PV in The Braid, Larne LC, Carrick LC and Multi- story

Complete a costing analysis to include projected savings, and payback verification data, with recommendations for solar PV rated on a ROI realised in carbon and energy saving.


Solar PV installatation completed for multi-storey. Cost analysis undertaken and progress made to deliver solar PV installation at Carrick Leisure Centre, Larne Leisure Centre and Waveney Road Household Recycling Centre.


To reduce lighting related energy consumption through the adoption of LED lighting for all ongoing and future projects.

Use LED lighting in new Sullatober HRC, Marine highway, Larne LC, Carrick LC, Galgorm CC


LED lighting has been installed across 13 sites from Council’s invest to save fund, including:

Larne Leisure Centre - phase 1 and 2 complete. Amphitheatre – phase 1 complete.

Ecos external complete.

Larne Town Park – portion completed by parks department.

Larne Promenade, Carrickfergus Marina car park and walkway completed.


To identify Council’s most water intensive sites and research viability to service through addition of a borehole supply.

Target sites Larne LC, Carrick LC, Sullatober Depot, St. Patricks Barracks.


Leisure centres investigated: Larne and Carrick unsuitable. Borehole potential at new St. Patrick’s Barracks.

30% drop in consumption 2019/20 vs. 2020/21 due in part to reduced opening and also new working practices.


To reduce fuel usage across Fleet compared to 2020/21 figures.

To reduce fuel usage by 3% of 2020/21 usage.

Fuel usage increased by 2% due to additional vehicles required during covid. Carbon emission reduction measures for fuel have been included in 2022/23 targets.

OBJ5 To reduce business miles compared to 2019/20 levels. To reduce business miles by 50% of 2019/20 level.


Business miles reduced by 65% of 2019/20 levels in 2021/22 and by 70% of 2019/20 levels in 2020/21.

OBJ6 To reduce paper usage across all service areas. To reduce paper usage by 10% annually until April 2023.

Completed. Paper use decreased by 60% compared to 2019/20 (2019/20 3,611,930 pages, 2021/22 1,447,945 pages).

OBJ7 To reduce single-use plastics (SUP) across all service areas To comply with EU Directive on Single Use Plastic to be transposed into NI Law in January 2022


Ban of SUP in catering.

Continued work on KNIB Plastic Pledge. Interview with KNIB on SUP use in Council.


To develop a Climate Adaption Plan for Council through delivery of the Adaption Planning Cycle during 2020/21 - 2021/22.

To work in partnership with Climate NI to identify and prioritise actions in line with the Climate Adaption planning cycle.

Stage 1 and 2 complete. Stage 3 partly completed. Risks have been identified and prioritised.

The vision, aims and themes have been agreed. Stages 3-5 to be completed in 2022/23.

OBJ9 To deliver EMS online training to all staff. Delivery to all staff by March 2022. Completed. Training opportunity made available to all staff.

To raise awareness of Council’s environmental performance and carbon footprint.

To raise the profile of environmental performance on Council website and marketing.

Completed. Regular staff updates through Environment Champions, Council reports, website, social media and through lunchtime seminars.

To audit Council assets in terms of their sustainability (using

Sustainable NI

screening toolkit).

To prepare a report on Councils assets in terms of their sustainability. Completed. Report shared.

To map all natural assets for carbon capture value – open water, seabed, grassland, trees etc.

To create a ArcGIS shape file detailing MEA asset carbon capture potential. Completed. Report shared.

To promote the borough to become a Sustainable Food Place.

To engage with local businesses and communities to encourage action to become a sustainable food place. Completed. Action Plan created. New member of staff employed to deliver it over 2 year period.
OBJ14 To reduce herbicide use in parks and open spaces. To reduce pesticide use by 15% each year from April 2020 to April 2023, to achieve a total reduction of 45% over 3 years. Completed. Continued reduction, with 15% target met.

Increase tree planting in the borough in support of Council motion 2019.

Continue planting trees to achieve target of 56,000 by 2024. Completed. All 56,000 trees now planted, ahead of schedule

To become a peat-free borough during this financial year.

To reduce the amount of peat-based products used, to become a peat-free borough by March 2022. Completed. Council continue to reduce peat across borough.

To restore peatland habitat within the borough.

To restore 36ha peatland at Keeran Moss by March 2022. Completed. Keeran Moss planned restoration works complete.