Climate / Sustainability / Environment Reporting

Environmental Objectives and Targets 2022/23

Topic Ref Objective Targets
Energy Obj 1

To support energy reduction though implementation of new recording and reporting mechanisms

To implement measures:

improve energy awareness among staff/ energy monitoring (new staff member) / roll out energy efficiency technology (LED/ solar panels/other)/improve energy procurement method

Water Obj 2

To reduce waste through implementing water audits across the estate.

To implement measures: water monitoring on a monthly basis, for all metered sites, and weekly where consumption is high. Introduction of sensor taps where risk of waste is identified. Include waterless urinals at design stage for new projects.

Transport Obj 3

To reduce carbon emissions across Fleet compared to 2021/22 figures

To implement measures to reduce fuel wastage:

New transfer station / telematics / route optimisation / fuel alternatives / ultra low emission vehicles / fleet decarbonisation plan / driver efficiency courses.

Transport Obj 4

To secure funding for additional EV charge points in MEA during 2022-2023

Deliver 15 EV chargepoints

Plastic Obj 5

To introduce Responsible Plastic Management to all service areas

To collate data from 3 service areas in Year 1 – comms, cleansing and stationery.

Climate Obj 6

To develop a Climate Action Plan for Council to deliver its Climate and Sustainability Strategy for the next 10 years.

To work in partnership with Sustainable NI and Council Officers to identify and prioritise actions in line with the Climate and Sustainability Strategy to achieve net zero emissions.

Climate Obj 7

Engage MEA community in climate action

To deliver 2 initiatives to engage the community to change their behaviour and reduce carbon emissions: 1. Deliver climate change ‘top tips’ video for staff and residents (home/travel/workplace), 2. TBC

Sustainability Obj 8

Becoming a Sustainable Food Place

To work towards achieving Sustainable Food Place – Bronze Status within 2022/23.
Biodiversity Obj 9

Oyster Restoration Project

Work in partnership with Ulster Wildlife to progress a new Oyster Restoration Project.

Recycling Obj 10

Provision of recycling service to MEA community centres

To equip MEA Community Centres with a recycling service to increase recycling rate.

Corporate Obj 11

Measure scope 3 emissions -business and commuter miles

To reduce business miles (including air) and commuter miles in 2022/23 from pre-covid 2019/20, through Agile Working.

Procurement Obj 12

Measure Scope 3 emissions - suppliers

Becoming a Fairtrade Borough

Implementation of Environmental KPIs for Capital Projects over £1m

Review of Procurement Policy