Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Historic Records and Replacement Certificates

Replacement Certificates & Historical Records

Replacement certificates are no longer available from District Registrar Offices.

Certified copies of all Births, Adoptions, Deaths, Still-Births, Marriages and Civil Partnership certificates can be obtained from:

General Register Office
Colby House
Stranmillis Court

Telephone: 028 9151 3101 or 0300 200 7890
Website: General Registrar Offices

Applications can be made in person, by phone, online or by post. 

Certificate Fee is £15.00 Priority applications are a higher fee. 

Genealogy Searches

Please visit the General Registrar Offices website for records.

Application Forms

Birth Certificate - GRO 040
Adoption Certificate - GRO 040a
Death Certificate - GRO 041
Marriage Certificate - GRO 042
Civil Partnership Certificate - GRO 099