Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships


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A marriage notice form helps the Registration office collect information about your ceremony and prepare your details for registration.

Both parties should fill out a marriage notice form and return them to the Registration office of the district in which you are to marry, along with the relevant documents and fees.

Download the GRO446 Marriage Notice Form - please complete separate forms for each person.

Additional Information Required for Marriages

Convert Civil Partnership or Marriage:

From 7 December 2020 to 6 December 2023, couples in a same sex civil partnership or opposite sex marriage will be able to change their civil partnership to a marriage or marriage into a civil partnership. 

For further information visit the NIDirect government services website.

How to service notice of intention to marry

Once you have secured someone to conduct your ceremony, the couple should email or make an appointment to deliver your Notice of Marriage to The Registrar’s Office in the district the event will occur, advisable within the twelve-month period prior to the date of the ceremony and no less than 10 weeks

Emailed notices are acceptable in the first instance however, you must present yourselves and the original documents to the Registrar’s office before the wedding day. 

The following documents are required by each party:

  1. Marriage Notice Application Forms, completed, dated and signed.
    (Collect from Registrar’s office or download the GRO446 Marriage Notice form)
  2. Additional Information sheet, completed.
    (Collect from Registrar’s office or download the Additional Information Require for Marriages form)
  3. AP1 form (Civil Registrar Ceremonies only) obtained from the hotel.
  4. Full/Long Birth/Adoption Certificate.
    The short certificate will not be accepted
  5. Passport (preferred document), Driving Licence or other official photographic identification
    PLEASE NOTE:  If you are not presenting a passport & were born after 1 January 1983, a Parents birth certificate must also be submitted to prove your nationality. 
  6. Any change of name documentation i.e. deed poll.
  7. Previously married / widowed / Civil Partnership, we will require a Decree Absolute/Dissolution of Civil Partnership or Death Certificate.
  8. If the female party is divorced, we require the most recent previous marriage certificate. 
  9. If you are not a UK or Irish National, you will have to provide your EU Settlement Status share code. 
    For Nationalities outside the EU, please complete an Immigration Status Statement


Ballymena and Carrickfergus appointments are available between: Monday - Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Larne (Part-time):  Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 9.30am – 3.30pm

T: 028 2826 2463


Fees are payable at time of giving notice, Price includes one certificate, paid by card, cash or cheque. 

Payee:  Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

  • Religious / Officiant / Humanist Led ceremonies - £52.00
  • Civil Ceremony in Registry Office – Check with relevant office.
  • Civil Ceremony in Other Council Premises – Charged separately by premises. 
    Fee also to be paid to Registrar as an approved venue.
  • Civil Registrar Led Ceremony in an Approved Venue:
    Monday to Friday - £195
    Saturday - £233
    Bank Holidays - £286

[Prices correct at 1 April 2023]


In the event of a cancellation, £44.00 notice fee is non-refundable and £20 administration charge will be deducted from all civil ceremony refunds. 

Missing documents

Full Birth Certificate: 

Certified copies of your Full Birth certificate can be obtained from the General Register Office’s in your country of you birth. 

Decree Absolute/Dissolution of Civil Partnership:

Certified copies of your Decree Absolute/Dissolution of Civil Partnership can be obtained from the Court Service for NI, only if you were divorced/dissolved within NI. 

Fee: approximately £10 each. 

Contact details: T: 0300 200 7812 

No Passport or Driving Licence:

If you do not have a passport or driving licence you can provide an electoral identity card, please contact

T: 0800 4326 712 or E: W: Electoral Office of Northern Ireland website

If you were born between 1983 – present, and are unable to supply a passport, then you must bring one of your parent’s long birth certificate to prove your nationality.