A Yellow Weather Warning for snow and ice is in place for Northern Ireland until midday on Monday 11 December 2017 and the Ice warning continuing until 11:00 on Tuesday 12 December 2017.

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If you require advice on Gritting or dealing with Snow or Ice please visit the NI Direct website.

Dogs and Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Photograph of some cattle in a field

Local Councils have adopted a collaborative regional approach to the new legislation and have appointed five Animal Welfare Officers to enforce animal welfare in respect of non-farmed animals, only across Northern Ireland. The Officers will have statutory enforcement powers and can take a range of action to improve the welfare of non-farmed including, providing advice, issuing an improvement notice, taking animal in to their possession, and initiating prosecution action.

From the 2nd of April 2012, District Councils have had responsibility for enforcement of the powers in the Welfare of Animals (NI) Act 2011, in respect of non-farmed animals e.g. domestic pets of any vertebrate species and equines (horses and donkeys).

The collaborative regional approach sees five Animal Welfare Officers cover the whole of Northern Ireland working on a regional basis.

Report an Animal Welfare Issue

If you need to report an animal welfare issue during office hours Monday to Friday 9am-5pm please contact our Animal Welfare Team on T: 028 2563 3134.

Please note if you need to report an urgent Animal Welfare enforcement issue between 9am to 5pm Saturday, Sunday or during Bank holidays, you should call the out of hours number on M: 07824 994 490.

Welfare of Farm Animals

Welfare complaints in respect of farmed animals (that is animals bred or kept for the production of food, wool or skin or other farming purposes) should be referred to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. During office hours Monday to Friday 9am-5pm T: 0300 200 7840.

During weekends contact a local Private Veterinary Practice or PSNI who will, as necessary, refer the welfare complaint to the relevant On Call officer.

Welfare of Wild Animals/Animal Fighting

Welfare complaints in respect of wild animals or animal fighting should be referred to your local Police Station - T: 028 9065 0222.