Public Information

Carnfunnock Country Park Redevelopment Project

We are delighted that Carnfunnock Country Park is to receive £6m funding through the UK government’s Levelling Up scheme, and this money will enable significant upgrades of the park for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. 

This will not only enhance the park itself, but it will also benefit the surrounding area and provide an economic boost for businesses.

Carnfunnock Country Park is a jewel in Mid and East Antrim’s crown in terms of a fantastic outdoor space, and we appreciate just how treasured and valued it is by residents and visitors alike.  

The key components of the project will include the construction of a new visitor centre which will house a reception/shop space, café and toilet facilities, overlooking the coastline.

It will also see an upgrade to the existing caravan park amenity block and activity centre facilities.  

A cycling facility to create an attraction for older children and investment in the existing adventure play to include inclusive and accessible play ensures fun for all.

Path and infrastructure work and a new maze viewing platform will improve accessibility throughout the site. 

Next Steps

The public consultation is now closed and the Council welcomes the interest demonstrated by the public on this exciting project.

All feedback will be reviewed and utilised to update the design plans for Carnfunnock Country Park.

  • Review of feedback received via public consultation.
  • Amendments to the designs
  • Development of Pre-Application Community Consultation report in preparation for submission of Planning Application.

The full planning application will be submitted on completion of full review of feedback and the corresponding updating of proposals.

Once submitted the Planning Application can be viewed and comments made through the Planning System Northern Ireland website.

Public Consultation -  now closed.

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) has now been submitted to Planning for the redevelopment proposal at Carnfunnock Country Park.

This is the pre-planning process.

Important dates are as follows:

  • Pre-application Community Consultation Events and Information Documents available for review online – week commencing 15 January 2024
  • Display of proposals on site at Carnfunnock Country Park – week commencing 15 January 2024
  • Social media and local promotion of Community Consultation Events – week commencing 15 January 2024
  • Pre-application Community Consultation Public Event (Larne Town Hall) – 29 January 2024 between 3pm – 9pm
  • This consultation closed on 9 February 2024

A full planning application is currently being prepared for this project which will be completed following feedback received through the public consultation process. 

The Design Boards will be made available and will show initial project proposals and feedback is welcomed by emailing:

Written submissions can be forwarded by post clearly marked ‘Carnfunnock Country Park Redevelopment Project’ to:

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
The Braid
1-29 Bridge Street
BT43 5EJ

Previous Consultation

A consultation process first commenced in 2017 during which time workshop sessions were held in Carnfunnock Country Park’s Education Centre, questionnaires were distributed to key stakeholders and organisations including community groups and the general public.

The event and questionnaires were further advertised using local community social media and networking websites.

A development plan for Carnfunnock Country Park was then prepared which identified the priority areas.

Engagement with stakeholders involved a range of methods to include focus groups, one to one meetings, briefings, workshops public advertisements, exhibitions, surveys and public information sessions.

Feedback from the stakeholder engagement process has been extremely positive with approximately 90% of consultees being in favour of the development plan and recognising the regional significance of the project as a community and regeneration project.

Feedback from stakeholders recognised the significant health and well-being offering the project would achieve.

Consultees highlighted the importance of the development to the regeneration of the Larne area including its impact on the local economy and tourism, the community and employment opportunities as a regional attraction.

The social design element of this project has created inclusive space for all and the facilities mix, is such that it attracts users from all backgrounds and abilities.

Alongside the engagement for the proposed Carnfunnock Country Park redevelopment project, significant consultation was undertaken when developing the Community Plan for Council which emphasizes the importance of empowering people to lead healthy lives, preventing physical and mental illness, helping people cope with disability, intervening in those crucial early years and helping people to age actively.

Carnfunnock Country Park Display Panel visuals

Carnfunnock Country Park

Council have outlined a number of key aspects which will reinvigorate the parklands and provide an enhanced offering for local people and visitors.

We are keen for your input on the plans developed to date and are seeking feedback which will assist the project through the work stages to realisation.

Key projects are outlined below:

  • Indoor/outdoor seating areas, signage and landscaped visitor centre arrival space
  • New Visitor Centre
  • Drop off area with wheelchair accessible parking
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Enhancement to the existing car park
  • New pump track/jump trail featuring arrival plaza with seating, cycle parking and cycle repair station
  • New pedestrian and cycle footpath to connect directly from car park to pump track/jump trail
  • Elevated maze viewing platform with seating
  • New amenity block to provide toilets, changing facilities and snack shop
  • New play park with accessible equipment

Additional Information

  • Maintenance and upgrade where required to existing country paths
  • New way-finding signage to assist in directing visitors throughout the Country Park

Accessible path route

  • Anticipated pedestrian access to Country Park during construction.
  • Note access may be temporarily restricted to complete necessary upgrade works.
  • Full extent subject to contractor’s safety procedures.

Visitor Centre

The document sets the context and location of:

  1. Visitor Centre
  2. Terrace
  3. New Accessible Parking/Drop-off Area
  4. Traffic Calming Measures

Also included are:

  • Visitor Centre Ground Floor Plan
  • Visitor Centre First Floor Plan
  • Entrance view
  • Bridge view
  • South path view

With form and materials reflecting the rural park context, the proposed visitors centre will feature a new cafe/restaurant, multi-function spaces, a park shop, and public toilets.

Covered and open seating will be provided on both levels to make the most of views towards the water.

Amenity Centre

The document sets the context and location of:

  1. Amenity Centre
  2. New Playpark
  3. Accessible Parking
  4. Existing Caravan Park
  5. Upgraded Caravan Park Entrance

Also included are: 

  • Lower Ground Floor Plan
  • Ground Floor Plan
  • Rear entrance view
  • Front entrance view

A new amenity block will provide shower, toilet, and changing facilities for the caravan park, alongside a communal kitchen space.

The lower level will house a cafe kiosk, toilet facilities for the playpark, and storage space for the park.

The design has a shared language with the visitors centre, creating a ‘family’ of buildings.

Bike Park

Includes visuals of both a Pump Track and a Bike Trail with jumps.

A proposed pump track and jump trail will form part of the new Masterplan developed for the Country Park.

The new adventure trails will provide challenges and learning opportunities for both beginners and experienced users.

The pump track will add a new visitor experience and offer a challenging circuit where users can learn new tricks and develop their skills.

Also outlined are proposed locations for:

  • Arrival plaza with seating, cycle parking and cycle repair station
  • Jump trail
  • Trail head rest area
  • Pump track
  • New pedestrain and cycle footpath to connect directly from car park to pump track/jump trail

Feature Play Park

Includes visuals of proposed park layout and play elements.

Also outlined are proposed locations for:

  • Main access to new play park with new surfacing, ornamental planting and grass mounds
  • New amenity block with toilets and café kiosk
  • Wheelchair accessible car parking
  • Grass mounds as natural play elements and to define play area
  • New hedge planting to complement existing retained and define new play park area with low timber fence
  • Existing secondary access retained
  • Existing BBQ area
  • Existing lawn as open kick-about space
  • Existing trees retained
  • New hedge planting to complement existing and define new play park area

Carnfunnock Country Park - Proposed site masterplan presentation

Outlined locations of key aspects of the proposed site layout.