Carrickfergus Marina

Carrickfergus Marina

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Sailing Directions:

LAT:   54o 42’. 63N
LONG: 5o 48’. 70W

Carrickfergus Marina HW as Dover, Rise 2.9m (9’6”) SP: 1.8m (6’) NP: is situated on the northern shore of Belfast Lough 330 metres to the west of Carrickfergus Harbour.

It is a purpose built marina basin to accommodate 300 boats in pontoon berths behind rubble stone breakwaters. The basin is dredged to give depths of up to 2.3 metres (7’6”) at L.W.S.

The entrance to the marina is situated at the eastern end of the basin and is open to the south west. The ends of the two breakwaters are marked with red and green beacons showing Qk. FI. R 7M 3m and G 8m 3M.  Red not showing from 245 o to 305 o. 

Navigation under sail or paddle alone is not permitted within the Marina and Harbour basins without the Harbour Master’s permission or by prior arrangement.

Please observe the 4 knot dead slow speed limit and do not create excessive wash. Please observe the bye-laws and terms and conditions of Marina and Harbour use.

Marina Entrance Approach Light

The entrance approach light is located approximately 30m to port of the red navigation beacon on the west breakwater.  The light is a PAL 100 Navigation Sector Light with a total beam width of 24o sectored as follows: ~

9.5o Red        5o White        9.5o Green – Oc WRG 3s

The light defines the centre approach line on a bearing to the entrance 321oT/141oT.

For daylight/time approach using 2x orange triangles/lead in marks in transit.

All visitors should contact the Carrickfergus Marina Office on VHF Channels 37/80/M1 or by telephone on T: 028 9336 6666 for berth allocation.

The information provided in relation to the depths at Carrickfergus Marina and Harbour are GUIDELINES only.  As our facilities are situated on the Carrickfergus sandbank, depths may reduce as a result of siltation.  It is the responsibility of the skipper to satisfy themselves as to the availability of depths for their vessel at any particular time.