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Things you CAN’T recycle

Image of a commerical waste collection bag

Commercial waste

Council does not accept commercial waste on site to ensure compliance with waste regulations and to improve traffic flow and access to containers for householders. Demolition and construction (industrial) waste and agricultural waste will not be accepted on site.

Commercial waste exemptions include cardboard, green waste carried from domestic properties, old for new items, charity and landlord (carrying from domestic).



Commercial cardboard will be accepted on site to assist businesses to reduce landfill.

Garden waste carried from domestic properties

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council will accept this type of waste from garden contractors and from domestic properties within the Mid and East Antrim Council area only. Commercial gardeners will need a waste carrier licence to carry waste.  They must register with the Council annually and be issued with a pass. To download the information leaflet for Garden Contractors Green Waste Disposal click here.

Old for new household items

Some small businesses will take away old household items when they deliver new items e.g. beds, wardrobe, carpets etc. Council accepts old for new household bulky items, furniture, carpet, domestic appliances etc.

Charities disposing of unwanted items collected from domestic property

Charities must recycle items brought on site.  Charities require a waste carrier licence which can be obtained from NIEA free of charge. Charities must register annually with the Council and be issued with a pass. To download the information leaflet for Charity or Voluntary Organisation Waste Disposal click here.


Council can accept household waste carpets, beds, electrical appliances etc. but not construction demolition waste (industrial waste).

Limiting commercial waste to the above improves traffic flow on site and allows attendants time to engage with householders, offer advice and assistance, increase recycling and reduce landfill tonnages.

To download the We can’t accept details click here.