MEA LMP 2023-2024 Action Plan p2

7 Action Plan

Priority 1: To form and successfully deliver the functions of the local Labour Market Partnership for the area
Theme Activities
LMP Development and Delivery

Development and delivery of MEA LMP

Development of the 2024 – 2027 MEA LMP Strategic Assessment and Annual Action Plan for 2024-2025.

Capacity Building

Support LMP members in their role through case study visits, guest speakers, attendance at events and awareness raising of LMP activity.


Priority 2: To improve employability outcomes and/or labour market conditions locally
Theme Description Key Activities

Economic Inactivity

To encourage participants back to work, the MEA LMP must support actions that support inclusive access to employability programmes, focusing on a community/employer partnership approach.

Women Returners Outreach, Confidence and Capacity Building Programme.

An engagement programme to inspire and motivate women interested in returning to work and get them started on the returning journey.

Tailored interventions will enable the target group to build their confidence to re-enter or enter the world of work or move on to other interventions including those funded under the Shared Prosperity Fund, LMP academies or education.

Ethnic Minority Employability and Outreach Activities.

Working with local advocacy and support organisations to provide tailored support to connect with the local labour market.
Women into non-traditional skills academy.

This Academy will provide participants with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in non-traditional skills areas through a range of practical hands-on activities.

The academy will provide initial introduction sessions in a series of practical skills for example, using power tools, DIY, decorating as well as employability skills.

Participants can then progress to Level 2 courses in the selected area of interest.

It is hoped to deliver this programme in local community settings.

Flex – Engagement programme

Programme for prospective retirees to consider part-time work and new career options.

Community-led/localised skills development

LMP staff will work with local communities to identify skills needs and to co-design interventions and programmes that will encourage residents to get into, or back into the labour market or to help take steps on a pathway to better employment or career advancement.

Long Term Unemployed

This theme will include interventions to reduce job claimant numbers, support the unemployed people to become self-employed and provide a range of entry level employment academies to provide access to employment.

Enterprise Pathways

Support for unemployed people who face additional challenges to progress to self-employment.

Provision of enhanced enterprise development support tailored to address individual needs and barriers, enabling participants to commence test trading.

Will ‘wraparound’ and complement mainstream 'Go for It' support and new Entrepreneurship Support Service which will commence in October 2023.

Construction Skills Academies (plant operations)

This academy will offer training in a range of plant operations pathways to meet gaps in the local labour market.

Participants will also be supported to develop their personal and employability skills.

Recent engagement indicates the local construction sector is experiencing a ‘slow down’, MEA LMP will continue to monitor the situation and will progress Construction Skills Academies pending sufficient demand by local employers and job seekers.

Classroom Assistant Upskilling Academy

Participants will access a range of personal development training including employability skills, communication, and teamwork.

They will also be supported in the completion of their level 3 qualification and complete best practice sessions and visits.

Hospitality and Tourism Academy

The academy will provide an introduction to the sector and insight into the range of job roles available.

Participants will be able to explore a range of training options geared towards careers in outdoor pursuits, indoor leisure or visitor attractions.

Childminding – partnership project with NICMA and NHSCT

Programme to support new self-employed childminders including Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding Children and Health and Safety training.


To support people with disabilities and long-term health conditions to improve their personal confidence to access the labour market.

Work Connections - Access All Areas

The Work Connection (Access All Areas) programme offers an innovative approach to developing the skill set of individuals, improving confidence, increasing work readiness, and providing opportunities to enter the workforce.

Work Connections (AAA) aims to provide participants with intensive one-to-one scaffolded approach to support the development of the individual with increasing focus on progressing to employment as they move through each phase.

Additionally, the programme will work closely with host employers’ offering opportunities to participants.

Bespoke Graduate disability academy

Tailored training and employment support for graduates with disabilities who are unemployed, underemployed, or economically inactive.

Programme will include a range of personalised supports to improve confidence, explore career pathways and progress into employment or further training/education.

Skilled Labour Supply

To support economic recovery and prosperity in the region by investing in skills to deliver better quality jobs.

Transport Academy

The Transport Academy aligns to sector needs and includes training and support for participants to achieve qualifications i.e. the Category C (HGV Class 2) or Category D (PCV bus / coach) license and commence employment.

Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy will include various pathways that will be shaped due to employer needs with relevant training identified offered to participants. Initial demands are around specialist spray painting, electrician’s assistant and robotics/automation.

This academy is subject to further funding being secured.

Cleantech Academy

The Cleantech Academy is a skilling up programme to raise skills levels in the emerging cleantech and green technology sector.

This academy is subject to further funding being secured.

Health Administration Academy

This academy is being designed with NHSCT to include role specific training, employer visits, insight days, employability support and a guaranteed interview.

Support Services and Homecare Academy

Training and employability academy in partnership with NHSCT and others for Support Service roles including porters, catering assistants, domestics, homecare staff and car parking attendants.


Priority 3: To promote and support delivery of existing employability or skills provision available either regionally or locally.
Theme Description Key Activities
Promotion of employability and Skills Provision Job Fairs and Events

To support those seeking work to move into education, employment, or training through direct engagement with local employers training providers and support.

Delivery of a range of Job fairs, Employer Connection Events and Well-being and employability events.

Science Summer School NI Innovation Platform

The Science Summer School aims to inspire young people to become the next generation of scientists with an inspirational programme that mixes the best of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).

Programme includes a wide range of visits, workshops, competitions, careers fairs, work experience events and takeover days for pupils across KS1-4.

Hospitality Takeover and Cleantech Takeover Days

LMP will work with local hospitality and cleantech companies to deliver Industry Takeover Days.

LMP Staff will engage with local Secondary Schools to provide immersive events that raise awareness of events and career pathway opportunities.

Includes small workshop and insight days for young people who are ‘Education other than at School’.