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Energy Performance of Buildings

Image from the Energy Performace Certificate information booklet

Building Control is responsible for the enforcement of The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008 as amended. The legislation directs that in certain circumstances certificates, details or reports are required. 

These include:

E.P.C. (Energy Performance Certificates)

This information is required to be displayed when a building is built or advertised for rent or for sale. This applies do domestic housing and commercial properties including if it is advertised with an estate agent or privately.

An energy performance certificate tells you how energy efficient your property is, and includes recommendations for improving its energy rating.

Certificates remain valid for 10 years but you should get a new certificate if you carry out any major refurbishment or building work which could change the energy efficiency rating of your property. 

This must also be lodged online with Landmark.

D.E.P.C. (Display Energy Performance Certificate)

If a building other than a dwelling has had an E.P.C. generated for rental or sale (as above), is over 500m2 and frequently visited by the public then it must be displayed.

It is to be displayed in a prominent place, clearly visible to the public who visit the building

This should also be lodged online with Landmark

D.E.C. (Display Energy Certificate)

A Display Energy Certificate is required for all buildings occupied by public authorise and frequently visited by the public. This only applies to buildings over 500m2 (250m2 from 9th July 2015).

The D.E.C. details the energy consumption and efficiency of a building. It is valid for 12 months at which time it must be renewed.

The certificate must be displayed in a prominent place clearly visible to the public.

The certificate is to be supplemented by an advisory report which is valid for 7 years.

This must also be lodged online with Landmark.

Air Conditioning

Where a building contain 1 or main air conditioning system which has a combined output more than 12kW the relevant person has a reasonability to ensure that the system is regularly inspected by an energy assessor. This interval is not to exceed 5 years.

This report must be kept by the responsible person and lodged online in Landmark.

Energy Assessors

Accredited Energy Assessors can be found on the Northern Ireland Energy Performance Certificate Registers website.

Further information

For further information please visit or freephone T: 0800 022 3004