Special Events on Roads

Notices of Proposed Special Events

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Local Councils have been given new powers to close roads or restrict traffic to allow certain events to take place. These might include sporting events such as a Fun Run or Marathon, social events including Street Parties or other forms of entertainment eg concerts held on a public road.

Notices of Proposed Special Events  

The Public Protection, Health and Wellbeing Department has received the following applications in relation to the holding of a Special Event on a public road.

By virtue of the powers conferred on it by Article 8A of and Schedule 3A to the Road Traffic Regulation (NI) Order 1997, the Council gives notice that it is minded to make an Order to temporarily prohibit traffic from the following roads in order to facilitate the following special events:

Name of proposed Special Event Date Time Roads affected Diversonary Routes Written Representations to be made to Council at the address below by:

Antrim Coast Half Marathon - Larne

Saturday 12 September 2020

7am - 10am

A2 Coast Road (top entrance to Promenade), Glenarm Road, Curran Road, Fleet Street, Olderfleet Road, Redlands Road, A8 Harbour Highway, A2 Coast Road, Circular Road, Main Street, High Street, Pound Street, Victoria Road, Glenarm Road, A2 Coast Road, Grace Avenue, Grace Avenue North, Croft Road, Cairncastle Road, A2 Coast Road, Promenade, Chaine Memorial Road

A8 Larne Road / Drumahoe Road – Ballymullock Road – Drumnagreagh Road


Alternatively, Town Centre Traffic heading for the Coast can use Old Glenarm Road – Croft Road - Cairncastle Road if necessary.

4 September 2020

Persons wishing to make representations to the Council regarding proposals may do so, in writing, to the address below.  Please note the closing date and time for representations on each notice. Representations received after the date will not be considered.

Arrangements can also be made to inspect the application, free of charge, at the Council Offices, in Larne, Ballymena or Carrickfergus by contacting us on the T: 0300 124 5000 or E: licensing@midandeastantrim.gov.uk.