Street Trading

Photograph of a street food trader

Environmental Health is responsible for regulating street trading in the Borough. The Street Trading Act (NI) 2001 places restrictions on where and how people can trade.

Street trading can only take place if the traders have been issued with the appropriate licence from the Council. The three types of licence available and the annual fees for the different licences are:

  • Stationary Street Trading Licence
  • Mobile Street Trading Licence
  • Temporary Street Trading Licence

Before a stationary street trading licence can be issued the council must have decided to designate that particular street for street trading. Please contact us if you have any queries over the designation of streets.

All ice-cream vans/mobile shops operating in the Council area should be in possession of a mobile street trading licence. Temporary street trading licences can be issued to allow trading to take place at a particular location for up to 7 days.

New Street Trading Policy

The Council has reviewed its policy on street trading and from the 1 November 2018 a new policy will come into effect. The policy covers includes:

  • new minimum standards and licence terms and conditions for street traders
  • clarify the areas traders can trade in and the hours they can trade between
  • introduce a policy for when Council can designate new stationary street trading sites
  • set a new policy for the allocation and selection  of street trading licences
  • an enforcement policy for breaching licence terms and conditions

The full policy is available at the bottom of this page as a download.

Street Trading Fees

The current fee for street trading licences have been in place since 2015 and are set out below: 

  • Stationary street trading fee  - £240
  • Mobile street trading fee       - £140
  • Temporary street trading fee - £100*
  • Variation of licence fee       - £45

* a further fee of £15 a day will be charged for each additional day traded after the first

We are currently consulting on new street trading fees as permitted under Section 15 Street Trading Act (Northern Ireland) as set out below:   

Licence type

Proposed fee

Stationary (annual)


Stationary (market)

£10 per event/day

Mobile (annual)


Temporary (per application)


Variation fee


The fees are set to cover the full costs of administering and enforcing the street trading licensing process, a statement on how the proposed fees were calculated is available.

Street Trading Opportunities

Any street trading opportunities at large events and vacant stationary pitches will be advertised on this page.

The allocation and selection of licences will be carried out using the Council’s policy and full details are outlined in the application form.

Royal Landings: Street trading pitches

The Royal Landings/Carrickfergus Pageant takes place on Saturday 11 June 2022 and there will be a limited number of pitches available for street trading on this date.

The pitches will be located in the Castle Street and Marine Highway areas of Carrickfergus and will be pre-identified by Council as being suitable for either a stall or a larger trailer.

 Council also reserve the right to give consideration to the type of goods offered for sale and successful applicants will be limited to one pitch only

If you wish to apply to sell food only at the event you should complete the temporary application form below and return it with all required certificate's by new closing date of 31 May 2022.

Forms cans be submitted by post or email to:

Environmental Health Department
Smiley Buildings
Victoria Road
BT40 1RU


Fees will be collected from successful applicants

If more applications are received than there are available pitches, then pitches will be allocated based on random selection.