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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee will:

Statutory requirements require that certain types of application must be determined by the Planning Committee:

  • Applications which fall within the Major category of development
  • An application for planning permission where the application is made by the council or an elected member of the council
  • The application relates to land in which the council has an interest. 

The Planning Committee shall be required to consider and determine the following:

  • Agree the Plan Strategy and Local Policies Plan for the Council area prior to ratification by the full council
  • The making of a Tree Preservation Order, where there are unresolved objections to the provisional order
  • Confirmation of a Provisional Tree Preservation Order
  • Determination of Completion Notices
  • Determination of Discontinuance Notices
  • Determination of a Revocation Orders 
  • Modification and Discharge of Planning Agreements
  • Designation, variation or cancellation of a Conservation Area

Minutes from each meeting will be available to view online once ratified.

Also listed in the documents below are the elected members' membership of partnerships, boards, working groups and representation on external bodies or groups.

Ald R Logan

Ald T Gordon

Ald S McDonald
Ald P Reid
Cllr A Barr
Cllr D Clarke
Cllr T Hoey
Cllr J McKeown
Cllr J Minford
Cllr A Rae
Cllr A Skinner
Cllr A Smyth