‘Getting together to get involved’ in £2.7million PEACE IV Programme for Mid and East Antrim

Friday 1 December 2017

Residents, community groups and youth workers joined together for a grassroots event to discuss a £2.7million funding boost for Mid and East Antrim.

‘Getting together to get involved’ in £2.7million PEACE IV Programme for Mid and East Antrim

Getting together to get involved was the focus of the Mid and East Antrim PEACE IV Programme meeting on Wednesday 22 November at LEDCOM, Willowbank, Larne. 

Members of the PEACE IV Partnership and delivery partners, community and youth organisation representatives, volunteers, and individuals attended the informative event, which not only provided an insight into each of the PEACE IV projects planned for the Borough but also actively encouraged involvement and participation from everyone. 

In September it was announced that Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is to receive £2.7million of EU funding to roll out a new PEACE IV local action plan.

The money is being used to develop a variety of exciting programmes incorporating arts, sports and culture initiatives.  The three themes of the programmes are:

  • Children and Young People, with a budget of £582,708
  • Shared Spaces and Services, with a budget of £984,564
  • Building Positive Relations, with a budget of £1,205,569

Chair of Mid and East Antrim PEACE IV Partnership, Alderman Maureen Morrow, said: “The PEACE IV Partnership was delighted to facilitate this event to engage groups and individuals to become an integral part of the PEACE IV projects. 

“We are enthused by the diversity of the projects and we are now ready to move forward to ensure a real difference is delivered on the ground at grassroots level over the next few years.

“We have had great success with previous PEACE initiatives and wish to build on this to continue working towards a fully cohesive community in Mid and East Antrim.”

PEACE IV aims to improve relationships between Protestants and Catholics and increase cultural awareness of minority ethnic communities, and participation from community groups, youth organisations, volunteers, and individuals within the Borough is key to ensure that the funded programmes will benefit local people at a local level. 

Sandy Wilson from North Antrim Community Network, who attended the PEACE IV Community Involvement event, said: “The projects and activities outlined in the 11 programmes are very impressive and have been aligned with the needs of the area. 

“The fact that local service providers who are already working in the area are delivering the programmes will mean that we will get off the ground quickly and there can be close co-operation with the community and voluntary sector across the Borough through existing links.

“Congratulations go to the Mid and East Antrim PEACE IV Partnership for developing an action plan that will be both effective and efficient and will make a real difference to our Borough and the people in it.”

To find out more information about the Mid and East Antrim PEACE IV programmes and to register your interest to become involved in the projects, you can contact the Investment and Funding Unit on

T: 028 25633266