Gigantic Galgorm Cup graces Mayor’s Parlour

Tuesday 5 March 2019

The Honourable Christopher Brooke, D.L. has presented an impressive large silver cup on loan to the Mayor for display in the Parlour at The Braid. The Galgorm Cup has a rich history linked closely to the people of Ballymena and will be on show alongside an illuminated address album presented by Mr. Brooke to the Council last year.

The Right Honourable Christopher Brooke was the special guest of Mayor Cllr Lindsay Millar as the cup was presented on loan to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

The Galgorm Cup will be on show alongside an illuminated address album so that both can be admired by the Mayor’s guests when in the parlour.

The cup and address book form part of a set of three items presented to the Right Honourable John Young at a ceremony in Ballymena Town Hall on 29 June 1910.

The other item, a large oil portrait, is in the council’s museum collection.

The Young family owned Galgorm Castle and were the largest employer in Ballymena running the Braid Water Spinning Mill.

The Mayor, Cllr Lindsay Millar said: “We are very grateful to have such an amazing piece of history on loan here in Ballymena. The Galgorm Cup represents the significance the Young family had over the years to the town of Ballymena.”

Mr. Brooke observed that “Galgorm Castle has always had an important place in the history of the area and it is very important that this Cup, which is an example of this close relationship and a part of local history, is in a place in the public domain where it can be seen and appreciated.”

The presentation to Mr Young was originally reported in the Ballymena Observer on 1 July 1910. An excerpt reads: “The solid silver cup, which is a real work of art, stands two feet nine inches high, and is of high-class Celtic design, all hall marked sterling silver.

“It is of massive dimensions and scales 480 ounces and rests on a solid silver plinth seventeen inches square and six inches in depth, which is entirely separated from the cup itself. The circumference of the cup is three feet nine inches with a diameter of twenty-four inches, in fact, it is the largest solid silver cup ever made in London.”

The cup was gifted to Right Hon. John Young by the people of as an expression of their appreciation of his valuable services to the community.