Mid and East Antrim Borough Council supporting parents with child safety

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council want parents to know that ‘together we’ve got this’ when it comes to child safety.

Safety picture

In support of Child Safety Week, led by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the Council Home Safety team want parents, carers and professionals to know help is available when it comes to protecting children at home.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Paul Reid, said: “Parenting is difficult and can at times be overwhelming. Many parents feel they aren’t doing enough to support their children given the everyday pressures of life.

“With children most at risk of having an accident at home, particularly those under the age of five, it’s important that parents know who to turn to for help and support.

“Child Safety doesn’t have to be complicated.

“Many accidents happen when parents are taken by surprise by the next stage in their child’s development so being prepared for those stages will keep parents one step ahead.

“By carrying out a Home Safety check our team can provide specific tips, advice and where appropriate equipment to help reduce the risk of an accident at home.”

For those parents with children under five concerned about safety in the home, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, in partnership with the Public Health Agency, can carry out a free confidential Home Safety check. For more information please contact:

To find out more about Child Safety Week 2018 visit the Children Accident Prevention Trust website.