Wartime exhibition to highlight historic recruitment posters

Tuesday 1 September 2015

​‘Answer the Call’, a free exhibition covering the First World War period with some 40 posters encouraging enlistment as well as others backing ‘home front’ activities, is coming to Mid and East Antrim Borough.

Featuring original posters, it will open on 10th September in the Council’s Mid-Antrim Museum.

The Mayor, Councillor Billy Ashe, said: “I welcome the event to Mid and East Antrim Borough.

“As part of our programme to mark the First World War, we are delighted to be the first venue to host this touring exhibition from National Museums Northern Ireland.”

The unique exhibition of memorabilia tracks an interesting change in tone and method as the war gathered pace and the use of ‘propaganda’ progressed as an important weapon in the armoury of the government of the day.

Curator of History for National Museums Northern Ireland, Dr Vivienne Pollock, said: “The ‘Answer the Call ‘exhibition was curated to reflect the fascinating shifts in approach during the war.

“In 1914, the enlistment campaigns appealed to patriotic and moral values as well as a sense of adventure.

“At the start of the war, text-based posters were used to encourage enlistment but it was not until October 1914 that a more eye-catching national campaign was set in motion.

“As the war continued, these public appeals increased in their sense of urgency and their methods became more varied and sophisticated.”

Admission to the exhibition which will be located at The Braid, Ballymena is free.