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Community Safety and Cohesion

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The Community Safety and Cohesion Delivery group have been extremely successful to date in establishing the community based initiatives at a ground level. 

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To achieve this the Delivery Group have called on the expertise of the local partner organisations such as the PSNI and the PCSP. Mid and East Antrim’s PCSP team have led this Delivery group and have been central in continuing the momentum in engaging positively with the community which has ensured a positive buy-in from the community. MEA PCSP provides regular updates on recent projects and events on their Facebook page.

Delivery Group Staff Members

  • Wendy Carson - MEABC
  • Bebhinn McKinley - MEABC
  • Pam Tilson - MEABC
  • Alison Kane - MEABC
  • Stephen Sheerin - MEABC
  • Jackie Patton - MEABC
  • Liz Graham - MEABC

Partner Organisations

  • PSNI
  • NACN
  • NIHE
  • DoJ
  • North Ballymena Cluster

Community Safety Framework