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Good Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

The Good Health and Wellbeing Delivery group involves individuals from many of the relevant organisations in the Borough.

Several organisations are providing a leading role in achieving the short term actions and ensuring that the Delivery Group is constantly progressing.

Collaborative working is vital to ensure that health and wellbeing continue to be improved for all members of our Borough, both young and old.

The Delivery group has achieved relative success to date and have developed several successful initiatives which have advanced health and wellbeing in our Borough.

Everybody Active 2020

We received £38,525 in funding to develop sport and physical activity across the Borough. 

The funding has been awarded through Sport Northern Ireland’s Every Body Active 2020 Small Grants programme.

Every Body Active 2020 Strand 4 is a small grant programme which is aimed at supporting the delivery of grassroots community-based sports activities. 

The programme aims to prioritise investment in sports clubs, community groups and governing bodies of sport, (especially those based in areas of high social need) that will deliver increased participation in sports and physical activity.

In this action, we will particularly be targeting increases in participation among traditionally underrepresented groups which include:

  • Women and girls (specifically aged 14-25)
  • People with a disability; and
  • Those living in areas of greatest social need.

Take 5

Take 5 is an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the importance of Emotional Wellbeing and what we can all do as individuals, communities and as a Council to promote wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. 

The Take 5 initiative aims to strengthen the emotional wellbeing of our young people. 

The Take 5 Steps to wellbeing are;

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Give

The delivery group is currently working towards rolling the Take 5 project throughout the Borough and to ensure that the project will be delivered both in our community and in our workplaces.

Local schools will also avail of the Take 5 project as we aim to ensure that our young people are healthy, both physically and mentally.

Dementia Friendly Communities

In partnership with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and Alzheimers NI, we have been providing Dementia Friendly workshops all over the Borough. 

These workshops provide attendees with improved awareness of dementia and teach people how best to deal with a person suffering from dementia.

The feedback from these workshops have been extremely positive and we will continue to connect with both businesses and community groups to ensure that Dementia Friendly workshops continue to be provided throughout the Borough.

To date, we have carried out nearly 20 workshops and we aim to extend this programme throughout the Borough.

Currently, over 270 people from more than 100 businesses and organizations have attended dementia-friendly workshops.

Council’s Dementia Friendly programme was recently nominated for an award at the Northern Ireland Local Government Awards Ceremony under the category for Best Local Authority Community Planning Initiative. 

Further to the Dementia Friendly workshops a ‘Dementia Friendly Garden’ has been developed at Larne leisure centre near Larne promenade.

This garden is a place where people suffering from dementia can feel at ease and offers a safe and shared space for dementia sufferers and their carers to enjoy.

The garden’s designers, Out There Services, are fully dementia friendly trained and have planted rosemary, known for aiding memory, and used colours and textures that make it easier for people with dementia to differentiate areas of the garden.

Ageing Well Model

This is a Council-led a partnership to obtain services for Ageing Well in the Borough. 

The model is based on a community planning led partnership approach to support and promote longer, independent and quality living for older people.

It supports positive ageing with assistance, where ‘our older people are active, respected and supported in their community’. 

The Ageing Well Model is an evolving model and requires that partners continue to work together and also continue to engage with older people in the local community to identify and meet needs using approaches which are both innovative and responsive.

The Mid and East Antrim Agewell Partnership (MEAAP) have been awarded the contract which will initially last for a six month period. 

Through the Ageing Well Model, MEEAP currently provides the following services:

Good Morning Telephone Calls

A telephone support scheme which allows for daily contact;

  • The telephone support scheme also promotes key health messages, raising awareness and promoting healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Referring Elderly People to Relevant Programmes
  • Progression strategies are in place, both to reduce the number of telephone calls provided (i.e. from five days a week, down to one or two phone calls a week), and exit from the service by supporting and linking elderly people to other community activities and programmes.

Handyman Service

  • The handyman service supports older people to remain in their homes by completing necessary, small maintenance jobs;
  • This can include an odd jobs service such as path clearing, decorating, general maintenance and minor works.

Home Security

  • A Home Security Scheme which includes home safety checks, provision and installation of equipment i.e locks, security lighting and other appropriate security devices;
  • A home security calendar has been produced to provide older people with home safety tips.

Community and Social Engagement

  • Promoting and supporting volunteering opportunities for older people and providing a link to support groups;
  • Providing training and ongoing technical support that encourages older people to use information and communication technologies such as mobile telephones, internet-enabled TVs and computers.
  • Mid and East Antrim Council will continue to work collaboratively with the Agewell partners to ensure that our older people continue to be supported and that they receive the services that they need.
    With 18% of the Boroughs current population being 65 and over it is vital that the Ageing Well Model continues to provide for our older people.                                                     

We will continue to work collaboratively with the Agewell partners to ensure that our older people continue to be supported and that they receive the services that they need.

With 18% of the Boroughs current population being 65 and over it is vital that the Ageing Well Model continues to provide for our older people.

Family Support NI

The Family Support Site provides details of a wide range of services provided by statutory, voluntary and community organisations to support families.

Visit the Family Support NI website.

This information will help Families, Young People, Children and Practitioners in Northern Ireland to find local services to meet their needs.

This website can help our local people to view what services are available in our Borough. 

The Family Support NI website is a database of family support and childcare services in Northern Ireland.

It can help you find registered childcare providers in your area, and it can direct you to support services to help with issues such as:

  • Autism
  • Young carers
  • Disability
  • Drug/alcohol misuse
  • Family support hubs
  • Sexual orientation
  • Minority ethnic support
  • Mental health
  • Family mediation
  • Domestic/sexual abuse

To find out what is available in Mid and East Antrim, visit the Family Support NI website, call T: 0845 600 6483 or E: info@familysupportni.gov.uk.