Putting People First

Sustainable Jobs and Tourism

The Sustainable Jobs & Tourism Delivery group involves representatives from a wide range of local organisations from the community, local businesses and Council.

The group are continuing to make progress in this theme and are meeting regularly to ensure that a collaborative approach is taken moving forward.

Promotional Material

A PowerPoint presentation aimed at external markets has been developed to showcase and promote Mid and East Antrim which outlines the available property in the region, which can be used to attract potential companies and to encourage re-investment from existing companies and to attract new companies from outside the area.

A 20 page “Invest in  Mid and East Antrim” brochure was developed for the Chinese market for an inward visit to the Borough from a delegation from Donghai Province and an outward visit by officers to Dalian to attend a UK-China Regional Leaders Summit.

The brochure highlights key statistical information including population and labour market size and showcases road and transport infrastructure and key tourist attractions within the area.

Developing promotional material is key to increasing investment in our Borough and ensuring that possible employers can be persuaded to invest in Mid and East Antrim.

Business Space Review

The Delivery group has recently carried out the assessment of Council’s future business space requirements and on current workspace availability.  

Ulster University Economic Policy Centre were appointed to complete research to identify future employment space requirements.

The report found that:

  • Council area may gain between an additional 768 and 4,122 jobs by 2030.
  • Positive outlook in regard to the need for additional employment space is in the following categories:
    Additional 5,871sq. metres of small business workspace in the Borough between 2017 and 2030
    Additional 19,531sq. metres of general office space in the Borough between 2017 and 2030; an

CBRE were then appointed to complete research on workspace availability in the Borough.

This report found that:

  • The majority of available office space within the MEA Borough Council area is situated within the town centres, above retail units on the high street. Most of this space is Grade B/C space.
  • CBRE recommend that there is no need for further investment in industrial business space across the borough.
  • Each of the Enterprise Centres are fit for purpose and provide much-needed space and support for start-up business although some tenants have been in occupation for very long periods of time.
    Support is required for tenants to move on from Enterprise Centres.

The total undeveloped industrial zoned land in the Council area is 156.1 Ha

The findings of this review are vital to ensure that the Delivery Group can now progress further with the theme knowing that there are certain requirements that will need to be made to enhance the business potential.