Community Planning

What is Community Planning?

Photograph of someone looking at a Task and Finish workshop document

Community Planning is about the public, private and voluntary organisations in the Borough working together, and with communities to plan and deliver better services which make a real difference to people’s lives.

Specifically, this is about, achieving long term objectives for improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the area.

We have identified 19 outcomes which we want to achieve over the 15-year lifespan of the Community Plan.

The 5 key Themes which have been chosen are Sustainable Jobs & Tourism, Progress in Education, Good Health and Wellbeing, Community Safety and Cohesion and Our Environment.

Each of these themes have their own set of outcomes.

Download the 'Putting People First' The Mid and East Antrim Community Plan

The Mid and East Antrim Community Planning Themes and Outcomes

Our Vision: Mid and East Antrim will be a strong, vibrant, safe and inclusive community, where people work together to improve the quality of life for all.

Community Safety and Cohesion

  • Our borough has structured arrangements to support and deter those most at risk of becoming involved in crime
  • Our borough has vibrant, shared and cohesive communities
  • community and have a sense Our people feel safe in their of belonging to the area

Our Environment

  • People value our borough’s natural environment and built heritage and behave responsibly towards it
  • People enjoy easy access to our borough’s natural environment and built heritage
  • The natural environment borough is protected and built heritage of our sustainably managed

Good Health and Wellbeing

  • Our workplaces are for health as well as wealth
  • Our people are able to enjoy longer and healthier lives
  • Our people are physically active more often
  • Our older people are active, respected and supported in their community
  • Our borough has health equality for all

Sustainable Jobs and Tourism

  • Our borough has a culture of entrepreneurship, skills development and vocational training
  • Mid and East Antrim is a leading and competitive place to start and grow business
  • Our borough is the place to do business, developing transport, energy and superfast broadband
  • Our borough provides opportunities for all to enable and support people to reach their full potential
  • Our borough is a destination of choice with increased visitor numbers and spend on first-class facilities and attractions

Progress in Education

  • We have a skilled workforce able to adapt to the changing economy
  • Our people and wider communities place value on life-long learning
  • In our borough there are no barriers to stop anyone achieving their educational potential

We have identified 19 outcomes we want to achieve over the 15-year lifetime of this community plan.

These outcomes have been generated through the focused discussions, conversations and commitments on actions already made and agreed as part of this process.