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Farm Watch has been developed and is delivered by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council's Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) in conjunction with the PSNI.

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Farm Watch aims to address concerns raised by the rural communities across the Borough providing them with an opportunity and support to help reduce the risk of the most vulnerable becoming a victim of Rural Crime.

Farm Watch has been developed to support those living or working across all of the Borough's rural communities. As a member you will receive up to the minute text alerts from the PCSP and PSNI on issues which may affect your community.

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The aims of Farm Watch are:

  • To reduce crime and the fear of crime in farming and rural communities
  • To build upon and strengthen community spirit in the rural community, so that everyone works together to protect their property
  • To improve communication between the farming community and the police service
  • To encourage people to report suspicious incidents as they occur

The service offered by the Farm Watch Scheme include:

  • Specific Farm Watch roadside / property signage to advertise the scheme is in place
  • Signage for placing on farm machinery linked to Farm Watch stating a warning that the property is marked
  • Provision of a unique ref number for marking farm machinery with
  • A property marking scheme to make it harder for thieves to dispose of stolen goods
  • Machinery Assets Register to record all your equipment on
  • Practical crime prevention advice to farmers and landowners, to help ensure their property and goods are as secure as possible
  • An e-mail and text alert service from police

Becoming a member of the scheme brings with it responsibility:

  • You agree to put up the roadside /property signage on your property
  • You agree to mark your machinery with the unique ref number provided
  • You agree to attach the warning signage on your machinery
  • You agree to receive information by phone, text or email
  • You agree to receive free crime prevention advice on protecting your property and by keeping you informed about crime in your area, we help prevent crime and keep your community safe
  • You agree to report suspicious activity to the police as it happens and look out for your neighbours
  • You agree to display your house number at the entrance to your property to help the emergency services

Contact Mid and East Antrim PCSP on T: 028 2826 2461

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I hereby give Mid and East Antrim Borough Council / PCSP authority to place my details on a computerised database system. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 we have a duty to protect the information which we hold about you. The information provided will be used for the Farm Watch Text Alert Scheme only and will not be shared with any other organisation without prior permission.