photograph of a slipway in Carrickfergus

As well as our harbours and marinas, we also manage access for various slipways across the Borough:

  • Carnlough Harbour Slipway
  • Glenarm Slipway
  • Ballygally Slipway
  • Tweeds Port Slipway
  • Ballylumford Slipway
  • Port Muck
  • Portglenone Quay
  • Newferry
  • Whitehead Boat Park & Slipway
  • Fisherman’s Quay
  • Carrickfergus Harbour Slipway
  • Whitehead Boat Park

These facilities are open to all, however in some cases there are launching restrictions and are more appropriate for smaller boats, canoes and individuals wishing to access the water.

Permission for use must be obtained from the Harbour Master at Carrickfergus Marina Office T: 028 9336 6666 or E:

For boat storage enquiries at Whitehead Boat Park please contact Carrickfergus Marina Office. 

Newferry and Portglenone Slipway Registration Scheme

We operate a pilot slipway registration scheme at Newferry and Portglenone Slipways and there is a charge of £30 per slipway user per year.

In order to register for the slipway registration scheme please complete the form below and return to

Please allow one week to be registered on the new system which will send a digital key to your mobile phone and further information will be emailed to you about how to use it after you register.

Please note jetskis are not permitted to launch at Portglenone Slipway.

Newferry Slipway is open from 17 March to the 31 October annually.

If you have any queries please contact Carrickfergus Marina on T: 028 9336 6666.

Please ensure the barrier and padlock is closed after use.

Rules and regulations

In case of an emergency dial: 999

Daily Launch From the Slipway:

  • The slipways are available for the launching of craft between the hours of 7am and 10pm from Easter until October.
  • The access barrier and padlock must be kept locked immediately after launch and immediately after recovery of your craft.
  • Crafts must not be launched from the slipway without prior registration.
  • Crafts must be launched from the slipway in a manner as not to cause nuisance or injury to other users and with regards to health and safety legislation.
  • Slipways must be kept clear at all times – vehicles launching crafts should be removed from the slipway as soon as craft is launched.
  • Any boat or trailer parked within the site without registration or permission of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council is liable to be removed immediately.
  • Priority for use of the slipways should be given to the Emergency Services.
  • Each owner is responsible for people using their craft.
  • Users shall be responsible for any loss or damage caused by them and their property e.g. car, trailer or craft on the Council’s property. 
  • Users must observe all instructions form Mid & East Antrim Borough Council’s staff
  • The craft specified in your application is for use of the slipway only.
    This does not give rights to the person using the slipway for any other craft.
  • All juniors (under 16) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • No towing of objects that may be a nuisance or danger to other water users.
  • Users must have adequate insurance cover in place.
  • User must not repair or dismantle any craft or vehicle at Portglenone Marina or Newferry.
  • All waste must be placed in the litter bins provided.
  • Proof of £3 million public liability insurance must be provided at registration
  • A completed Risk Assessment must be submitted with your registration form.

Navigation and zoned areas

  • Users must make themselves aware of Navigational Information and Lower Bann Navigation Guide published on Waterways Ireland website.
  • A Voluntary Code of Conduct applies until navigation bye-laws come into operation. 
  • You are advised to reduce your speed in narrow channels not only to ensure your safety but to prevent bank erosion, damage to reed beds and destruction of bird nests amongst reed and bank habitats.
  • Users must make themselves aware of zoned areas for activity. 
    The zones are designated on the navigation guide by the coloured lines down the edge of each shore. 
    Please check the colour code against the Key to ensure use of correct zone.

Safety & Equipment

  • Always carry a means of calling for help
  • All users must wear a personal buoyancy aid.
  • All jet ski users must wear safety equipment, including helmet.
  • All craft must be in a seaworthy condition.
  • All craft must be officially registered.

The Council reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the Rules & Regulations without prior notice and reserves the right to refuse entry to the slipways.

All users, for whatever reason, of the slipway and water do so at their own risk. 

All users undertake to be responsible for and to indemnify the Council against any injury, loss, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses, death or damage of any kind whatsoever reason. 

It is the responsibility of users to ensure that they have the proper insurance cover and all relevant certificates, qualifications, and all such relevant documentation in place to cover the use of the slipway and water.