Leisure Centres

Leisure Centres

Online Booking

  • Go to GetMEActive
  • Scroll down to ‘join online’
  • Select ‘join online’
  • If you are a casual user - select ‘sign up’
  • For members -  select register + link
  • Download the MEActive app after completing all the above steps to book your activity
  • If you have any problems getting registered please email MEActive@midandeastantrim.gov.uk for assistance.
The health and well-being of the residents of our Borough is important to us; so we provide a variety of exceptional leisure facilities.

Leisure Centre Memberships

Leisure Centre Pay as You Go Prices

Terms & Conditions and Etiquette for use of our MEActive Gyms

Seven Towers Leisure Centre, Ballymena

Amphitheatre Wellness Centre, Carrickfergus

Larne Leisure Centre