Larne Leisure Centre

Theatre / Conference Facilities

Photograph of the McNeill Theatre for the MEA Sports Awards

Larne Leisure Centre has a range of theatre and conferencing facilities to suit all types of user and businesses, from small meeting rooms to the larger McNeill Theatre for conferences and theatrical or concert performances.

Theatre & Conference Facilities Hire Rates

Room Rate
Meeting Room £16.00 per hour
Conference Room £38.00 per hour
McNeill Theatre £135.00 + VAT per day / per evening
Dance Studio £38.00 per hour*

* Non-commercial use

The McNeill Theatre

The Mc Neill Theatre is a multi-purpose performance space offering an excellent conferencing facility located within Larne Leisure Centre.

The facility is designed to cater for indoor sports (aerobics, indoor bowls, table tennis, light exercise, indoor games) as well as theatre events (Ballet, Musicals, Plays, Variety Shows, Concerts etc.).

The venue features an automatic retractable theatre seating arrangement which accommodates an audience of 270.

The theatre comes equipped with full lighting and sound to suit any performance.

There is also easy access to the stage area for theatre groups to unloading sets/equipment and there are two dedicated dressing rooms located backstage for performers.

The sound system quality is superb and a Deaf Loop system has been installed making it a first rate venue for conferences and public meetings/events.